Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Full Committee (Academic Matters, Appeals, and Petitions)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

President’s Suite A, Student Success Center




Present: Benkeser (BME), Bottomley ((ChEM),  Ferri (ME), Guzdial (IC),  Jarrett (ARCH), Pikowsky (REG), Seitzman (AE), Tone (HTS), Weinberg (MUS)


Visitors: Howson (REG), Johnson-Marshall (ODOS)


1. Academic matters.


A motion was made to approve program review reports for Building Construction, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Management,   Mechanical Engineering, Psychology, and Mathematics.  The motion was seconded and approved.


2. Appeal of denied petition.


A motion was made to approve the in-person appeal of a petition for concurrent enrollment with GPC, Summer 2007. The motion was  seconded and approved with the condition that the student provide the Registrar with documentation of the internship.


3. Petitions


            Student Petitions Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

            The committee reviewed petitions tabled from the previous meeting as well as new petitions.  All were approved except as noted:


      1-selective withdrawal in PHYS 2211 and MATH 1502, Spring 2007 (denied)

      4-to exceed maximum number of credit hours allowed (1 denied)

      1-to change basis of course in AE 3125, Spring 2007 to letter/grade

      5-to waive the 36-hour rule (3 denied)

      1-late Fall 2006 medical withdrawal

      3-late Spring medical withdrawal

      1-late Spring 2007 withdrawal

      1-to add a two0credit hour special topics course (denied)

      1-to count “D” in PHYS II towards degree

      1-to count SPAN 1001 or 1002 as humanities requirement toward degree

      1-to count ANTH 4271 as an EAS science lab

      1-to take online Philosophy course through UGA

      1-to take an Ethics class through Distance Learning Program, Summer 2007

      1-to use transfer credit in HPS 3751 to fulfill HPS requirement

      2-concurrent enrollment with GPC (2 denied)

      1-to be exempted from taking LCC 3401 (denied)

      1-to accept transfer credit in EAS 1601 in spite of grade received for same course taken at Tech (denied)



4. Petitions Handled by Administrative Decision.


The following petitions met the guidelines for “Administrative Action,” and were decided by the registrar under the authority granted to her by the Committee.  All were approved except as noted:


1-Fall 2007 readmission after first drop

2-to return Summer 2007 after withdrawing Spring

1-to waive the 10-year rule





Reta Pikowsky