Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Full Committee (Academic Matters, Appeals, and Petitions)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Present:  Benkeser (BME), Weinberg (ARCH), Schatz (PHYS), Tone (HTS), Pikowsky (REG), Colton (ME), Stein (Dean of Students), Barke (PUBP), Chang (MGT), Seitzman (AE), Parsons (MGT), Agrawal (ChBE), Kubanek (BIOL), Amekudzi ( CEE), Bottomley (CHEM)


Visitors: Bradd (Reg), White (SIC/CCC), Hartley (EAS), Vito (Provost), Braga (Executive Board)        


Academic Matters


  1. A motion was made to approve a request from the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences for a new course. The motion was seconded and approved.




EAS 4625 Water Quality Modeling 2-3-3


Note:  The new course proposal form was corrected to show the hours as 2-3-3 as opposed to 3-0-3 to recognize the lab component. The following final version of the prerequisite information is taken from action on the graduate level version of the course by the Graduate Committee.


Note: In a subsequent email communication the prerequisite was further clarified as the following: Prerequisites:  The student needs to have taken only one out of the five courses listed:  EAS 3620 or EAS 6214 or CEE 6313 or EAS 3603 or CHEM 3411 (the "and" listed on the course proposal was a typo and should be replaced by an "or").


  1. A motion was made to table a request from the School of Biology for new courses. The request will be brought back when it is complete.


Petitions – Written Appeal


  1. A motion was made to deny the written appeal of a petition for later withdrawal from Summer 2007 based on medical documentation. The motion was seconded and approved.




  1. Student Petitions Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

All were approved except as noted:


1-Late medical selective withdrawal (denied)

3-Late medical withdrawal FA06 (2 denied)

1-Readmit 2nd drop (denied)

4-Late selective withdrawal FA07 (1 denied, 1 tabled)

1-Late selective withdrawal SP07 (denied)

2-To waive 36hour rule (1denied)

1-Late withdrawal SP07 (denied)

1-Late withdrawal SU07 (denied)

1-Remove “W” for MATH 1522 (denied)

1- Request credit from joint enrollment (denied)

1-Remove SU07 grade use SP07 grade (tabled)


2.         Petitions Handled by Administrative Decision

The following petitions met the guidelines for “Administrative Action,” and were decided by the Registrar under the authority granted to her by the Committee. All were approved except as noted:


4-To return Spring 2008 after withdrawing Fall 2007

4- Readmit after first drop





Reta Pikowsky