Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Fall Petitions Subcommittee (Petitions)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Present:  Riley (ECE),  Senf (LCC), Loss (MATH), Hollengreen (ARCH), Paredis (ME), Seitzman (AE), Stein (ODOS), Pikowsky (REG), Economou (ARCH)


Visitors: Appel-Silbaugh (ODOS), Senft (REG)




  1. Student Petitions Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

All were approved except as noted:

            1- Take ENGL1102 after having accumulated 60 hours (1 Denied)

            18- Term withdrawal (3 Denied)

            13- Selective withdrawal (7 Denied, 3 Tabled)

            3- 36-hour rule wavier (3 Denied)

            1- Extend grade substitution timeframe by one term (1 Denied)

            3- Allow late grade substitution (3 Denied)

            1- Cross-enroll as freshman for language classes not offered at Tech

            2- Register late for course (1 Denied)

            4- Maximum registration hours over loads (1 Denied, 1 Tabled)

            1- Change registration from 1 to 3 hours  for a research class

            2- Readmit after 2nd drop


  1. Petitions Handled by Administrative Decision

The following petitions met the guidelines for “Administrative Action,” and were

decided by the Registrar under the authority granted to her by the Committee. All

were approved except as noted:


      4- 10-year rule waiver

      9- Readmit after 1st drop for the Spring 2012 term

      1- Take graduate level course

      1- Graduate with  approximately .7 credit short of lab science requirement (Quarter-                          Semester conversion)

      2- Register for 21 hours during Phase 1 registration

      1- Use ID 2202 as Humanities

      7- Return for the Spring 2012 term after withdrawing from the Fall 2011 term

      1- Count MGT 3000 and ACCT 2101 towards degree

      1- Substitute HPS 1061 for HPS 1040

      1- Change registration from one to three hours (previously tabled petition with authority                   to approve if information confirmed)





Reta Pikowsky