Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Petitions (Spring Subcommittee)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Present: Hollengreen (ARCH), Economou (ARCH), Singleton (PSYC), Berry (PUBP), Scott (CEE), Klein (ECE), Goodisman (BIO), Mayor (ME), Senf (LMC), Yaszek (LMC), Stein (ODOS), Pikowsky (REG)


Supporting Staff:  Appel-Sillbaugh (ODOS), Senft (REG)





  1. Student Petitions  Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

All were approved except as noted:


5- 36-hour rule waiver (2 Denied)

2- Registration maximum hours overload request 

1- Cancel course registration (1 Tabled)

1- Request to return immediately after dismissal (1 Denied)

15- Term withdrawal  (2 Denied, 1 Tabled)

5- Selective withdrawal  (4 Denied)


  1. Petitions Handled by Administrative Decision

The following petitions met the guidelines for “Administrative Action,” and were

decided by the Registrar under the authority granted to her by the Committee. All

were approved except as noted:


4- Change grade mode (1 Denied)

1- Waive departmental minimum grade requirement

1- Cancel registration for course

1- Withdraw Spring 2014 graduate application

1- Graduate with IA Minor without meeting requirements (1 Denied)

1- 10-year rule waiver

1- Registration adjustment of variable course hours

4- Readmit after 1st dismissal for the Summer or Fall 2014 terms  

3- Petition to return (1 Denied)

1- Substitute SPAN1102 for SPAN1002

1- Count both instances of MUSI1102 toward degree





Reta Pikowsky