Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

  Petitions (Full Committee)


Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Present:  Sankar (AE), Smith (ME), Goodisman (BIOL), Hollengreen (ARCH), Mayor (ME), Berry (PUBP/HONORS), Economou (ARCH), Parsons (BA), Loss (MATH), Zhou (ISYE), Coyle (ECE), MacIntyre (IC), Singleton (PSYC), Stein (ODOS), Pikowsky (REG)


Support Staff: Appel-Silbaugh (ODOS), Senft (REG)




  1. Student Petitions  Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

All were approved except as noted:


            17- Term withdrawal (1 Denied)

            3-  36-hour rule waiver (1 Denied)

            8-  Registration maximum hours overload request (2 Denied)

            6-  Selective withdrawal (2 Denied, 1 Tabled)

1-      Cancel course registration

1-      Meet Core Math requirement with seven hours (1 Denied)

1-      Registration hour adjustment (1 Denied)

1-      Use course towards Humanities requirement. (1 Denied)

1-      Adjust readmission contract GPA from previous term (1 Denied)


  1. Petitions Handled by Administrative Decision

The following petitions met the guidelines for “Administrative Action,” and were

decided by the Registrar under the authority granted to her by the Committee. All

were approved except as noted:


2-  Readmission after 1st drop 

5-  Petition to return after withdrawing in current term

1-  Course substitutions for major requirements

1-      Dual (concurrent) enrollment at another institution in the same term

2-      Registration course hour adjustment


  1. Written Appeal Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

All were approved except as noted:


1-      Selective withdrawal





Reta Pikowsky