Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

2010-2011 Annual Report


October 4, 2011

3-5:00 p.m.

Student Center Theater

Fall Meeting of the General Faculty, General Faculty Assembly, & Academic Senate incl. Standing Committee Annual Reports

Members: Pradeep Agrawal, Wille Belton, Paul Benkeser, Larry Bottomley, Daniel Castro-Lacouture, Yih-Long Chang, Al Ferri, Doug Flamming, Matt Higgins, Laura Hollengreen, Charles Isbell, Michael Loss, Pete Ludovice, Joe Montoya, Chris Paredis, George Riley, Jerry Seitzman, Carol Senf, Bruce Walker, Zha Hongyuan, John Stein, Austen Edwards, Carlee Bishop, Reta Pikowsky

Meetings: The IUCC held 26 meetings during the 2010-2011 academic year plus additional meetings on focused topics (General Education, Study Abroad, and Program Review). The work of the committee falls into five main categories (Curriculum Items, Student Petitions, General Education, Study Abroad, and Program Review). Activities in each of these areas are outlined below.


Dr. George Riley served as Chair of the Committee.  Dr. Jerry Seitzman served as Vice Chair of the Committee.


Curriculum Items


Over the 2010-2011 academic year, the IUCC approved several modifications and additions to Georgia Tech’s degrees, minors, certificates, and courses that carry Core attributes.  Catalog changes were approved along with new courses and deactivation of courses.


Catalog Changes and Course Changes:

  1. Humanities credit for Modern Languages
  2. School of Mathematics revised course description
  3. Changes to LCC course descriptions
  4. School of ECE adopting list of courses to meet Ethics requirement as outlined in the General Catalog
  5. List CS 4464 and CS 6465 as equivalent courses


Informational Items:

  1. OIE changes to Country/Region courses for International Plan
  2. OIE changes to courses moving from Country/Region Option to Global Economics Category
  3. School of Materials Science and Engineering adding a course to the optional courses on two concentration elective lists



New Degrees:

  1. BS – Applied Psychological Science
  2. BS – Cognitive Neuroscience


Degree Modifications:

  1. BS – History, Technology, and Society
  2. BS – Science, Technology, and Culture
  3. BS – Economics
  4. BS – Business Administration
  5. BS – Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  6. BS – Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies
  7. BS – Materials Sciences and Engineering
  8. BS – Biology
  9. BS – Biology – Research Option
  10. BS – Computer Science
  11. BS – Industrial Engineering
  12. BS – Biomedical Engineering
  13. BS – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Standard and Biotechnology Option
  14. BS – Mathematics (Discrete Mathematics)
  15. Business Option for all College of Sciences degrees
  16. BS – Public Policy
  17. BS – Psychology
  18. BS – Chemistry – Biochemistry Option
  19. BS – Biochemistry
  20. BS – Biochemistry, adding the Business Option


New Minors:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Leadership Studies


Minor Modifications:

  1. Film and Media Studies
  2. Law, Science, and Technology
  3. Psychology
  4. Women, Science, and Technology
  5. Materials Science and Engineering


Deactivations of Certificates:

  1. Certificate in Leadership (replaced by Minor in Leadership Studies)
  2. Biochemistry/Organic Chemistry
  3. Chemical Analysis
  4. Physical/Inorganic Chemistry


Certification Modifications:

  1. Law, Science, and Technology
  2. Operations and Supply Chain Management (COM)



New Courses in:

  1. HTS
  2. MGT
  3. CS
  4. PUBP
  5. ARBC
  6. FREN
  7. KOR
  8. SPAN
  9. ISyE
  10. CHIN
  11. GRMN
  12.  MSE
  13. BIOL
  14. CEE
  15. ID
  16. PHIL
  17. BMED
  18. AE
  19. ECON
  20. CHBE
  21. ME
  22. Internship for pay and for credit (Institute-wide numbers)
  23. INTA


Deactivated Courses:

  1. PST 2050
  2. CS 4612
  3. GRMN 3035, 3036, 3072, & 4062
  4. BIOL 3340 & 3341
  5. CEE 4410
  6. PST 1101-4XXX (all changed to PHIL prefix)
  7. ME 4213


New Cross-Listings:

  1. AE 4701 with ME 4701


Deactivation of Cross-Listings:

  1. MATH 4755 and BIOL 4755


Courses Adding Core Attributes:

  1. HTS 2061 (Ethics)
  2. Complete list of courses to carry Ethics attribute
  3. Complete list of courses to carry Global Perspectives Overlay attribute


Courses with Changed Pre-requisites:

  1. HTS seminars
  2. PUBP
  3. PST
  4. SPAN
  5. KOR
  6. AE
  7. CHBE
  8. CS
  9. MATH
  10. BMED
  11. BIOL
  12. ME


Allowing Courses to be used for Degree Requirements:

  1. CETL 2000, 4803PR, CETL 4803 SL as free electives


Student Petitions and Appeals: The IUCC acted on 408 petitions, reviewed 18 written appeals of denied petitions, and heard 5 in-person appeals of denied petitions. Approved by the Registrar, under the authority of the Committee, were 312 petitions including requests such as readmission after the first drop, use of a “D” grade when the second attempt of the course resulted in an F grade, and requests to return in the following term after withdrawing.  


Of the 396 petitions that were acted on, 146 (36%) were denied. Of the 23 appeals, 9 (39%) were denied.  Petitions that are handled administratively by the Registrar are sent on to the committee for regular processing only as needed if a decision to approve cannot be rendered.


2010-2011     408 petitions, 18 written appeals, 5 in-person appeals, 312 petitions handled administratively


2009-2010     481 petitions, 14 written appeals, 3 in-person appeals, 306 petitions handled administratively


2008-2009     430 petitions, 11 appeals, 313 petitions handled administratively


2007-2008     558 petitions, 11 appeals, 213 petitions handled administratively


2006-2007     576 petitions, 36 appeals, 298 petitions handled administratively                                 (910 total)

2006-2007     579 petitions, 21 appeals, 140 petitions handled administratively                                 (740 total)


General Education Subcommittee:

The Committee met several times throughout the year to discuss the new core curriculum and related issues.  Learning outcomes were approved as were courses approved to meet the US and Global Perspectives area. 


The General Catalog was updated with the new Core Curriculum requirements and a phase-in of the Global Perspectives was initiated along with implementation of the 60-45-30 rule regarding completion of Math and English requirements. 


A sub-group was formed to devise a plan for assessment of the learning outcomes. The subgroup met during the Spring and Summer 2011 and will continue its work in the next academic year, making recommendations to the General Education Subcommittee chaired in AY 11-12 by Dr. Michael Loss, School of Mathematics.


Program Review Subcommittee:

Reports were completed in the following areas and will be finalized during the Fall 2011 Semester.


Study Abroad Subcommittee:

In 2010-11, the Study Abroad Subcommittee reviewed proposals for 1 spring semester faculty-led program, 1 spring semester embedded study abroad program, 1 academic year faculty-led program, and for 26 summer faculty-led programs, and heard 0 student appeals.  Two programs were cancelled due to low enrollment, and two others were cancelled due to US Department of State Travel Warnings. The Committee held two meetings during Fall Semester 2010, and conducted the rest of its business by e-mail.

Submitted by:


George Riley, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Chair, IUCC, 2010-2011