Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Spring Petitions Summary

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Engineering Conference Room

3rd Floor Tech Tower


Present: Benkeser (BME), Bottomley (CHEM), Byars (MGT), Ferri (ME), Guzdial (CoC), Kingsley (PUBP), Lynch (ME), Parsons (MGT), Pikowsky (REG), Rudolph (ARCH), Schatz (PHYS),  Snell (BIOL), Stasko (CoC), Stein (ODOS), Tone (HTS), Webster (CEE), Williams (ECE)


Visitors: Bradd (REG), Fox (PUBP), McGuire (IAC), Sankar (AE)



1.      The committee  heard 1 appeal and reviewed 25 petitions, all were approved except as noted:


1-appeal readmission after second drop (denied)

6-to waive the 36-hour rule (1 denied)

1-to remove ENGL 1102 from transcript (denied)

1-readmission Summer 2006 for completion of 3 semesters of internship while on probation (denied)

2-medical withdrawal

1-to change grade basis of course

1-to waive the 10-year rule

2-to be concurrently enrolled (1 denied)

3-late withdrawal

2-process late grade change

1-readmission after second drop (denied)

1-to play intramural athletics while on probation (denied)

1-to change requirements of contract (denied)



2.      The following petitions were approved under authority of the Sub-Committee


9-Summer 2006 readmission

5-Fall 2006 readmission

1-to return Summer after withdrawing Spring 2006






Reta Pikowsky




2/15/2006 8:47:30 AM