Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Petitions – Full Committee

Monday, January 9, 2006

3:00-5:00 PM

Engineering Conference Room, 3rd Fl. Tech Tower


PRESENT: Benkeser (BME), Bottomley (CHEM), Byars (MGT), Ferri (ME), Parsons (MGT), Pikowsky (REG), Stasko (COC), Webster (CEE), Williams (ECE)



1.      The committee reviewed forty petitions, all were approved except noted:


10-readmission Spring 2006 (1 denied)

  1-to waive the 36-hour rule

  1-late medical withdrawal  Fall 2005 and readmission Spring 2006

  3-to compete in intercollegiate athletics despite being on academic probation (2 denied)

  1-to submit late grade change

  2-to waive the 10-year rule

  1-to receive credit for ENGL 1102 taken at University of Kentucky (denied)

  2-late withdrawal of Fall 2005

  4-to take hours of overload, Spring 2006 (2 denied)

  4 -to return Spring 2006 after withdrawing Fall 2005

  1-to be concurrently enrolled Summer 2005 (denied)

  2-readmission after second drop (2 denied)

  1-request not to sit out after first academic dismissal (denied)

  1-late withdrawal from CHEM 1311 and 1312 Fall 2005

  1-late medical withdrawal Spring 2005

  1-to change basis of ARCH 4833 to audit

  1-to change basis of PSYC 2210 and 2270 as pass/fail

  1-appeal to have the grades in Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 changed to Ws  (denied)






Reta Pikowsky



1/11/2006 11:28 AM