Georgia Institute of Technology

Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Petitions (Fall Petitions Subcommittee) Summary

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Present: Webster (CEE), Schatz (PHYS), Benkeser (BME), Wong (MGT), Guzdial (CoC),

Pikowsky (REG)


Visitors: Johnson-Marshall (ODOS)




1.       Student Petitions Considered and Voted-Upon by the Committee

The committee reviewed written appeal and new petitions. All were approved except as noted:


1-change course from audit to credit

1-take language class pass/fail

1-readmission after a second drop

2-use D grade in class to meet degree requirements despite F grade in second attempt

1-use GRMN 4813 as a social science

1-reinstate registration in course

1-waiver of the 36-hour rule (DENIED)

2-late course withdrawal (DENIED)

1-remove W grade from record

1-use FREN as Humanities with FREN 2001 as validating course

1-change grade basis of course (DENIED)

1-late withdrawal Summer 2006 (DENIED)

1-late withdrawal/cancellation Spring 2006 (DENIED)

1-late withdrawal Spring 2006 (DENIED)

1-late cancellation of registration Fall 2006

1-selective withdrawal from course Spring 2006 (DENIED)

1-late change of grade for Spring 2006 courses

1-retroactive permission for concurrent enrollment at GPC


4-petitions tabled


2.       Petitions Handled by Administrative Decision

The following petitions met the guidelines for “Administrative Action,” and were decided by the registrar under the authority granted to her by the Committee. All were approved except as noted:


1-readmission Fall 2007

4-readmission Spring 2007

1-return Spring 2007 after withdrawing Fall 2006





Reta Pikowsky




10/9/2006 1:23:47 PM