September 20, 2007


To: The Senate

From: William L. Green, Graduate Committee Chair, 2006-07

Subject: The Annual Report of the Graduate Committee, 2006-2007


                The elected faculty members of the Graduate Committee for 2006-07 were James Craig (AE), Leo Mark (CoC), Luis Martins (MGT), R. Gary Parker (ISYE), David Anderson (ECE), Julia Babensee (BME), Elizabeth Davis (PSYCH), David Goldsman (ISYE), Julie Jacko (ISYE), Jianmin Qu (ME), Scott Wills (ECE), Min Zhou (ME), William L. Green (MATH), Janet Murray (LCC), John Peponis (ARCH), Michael Saunders (CEE), and Marilyn Smith (AE). Graduate student Ryan Bechtel represented the Graduate Student Senate. The ex officio members of the Committee were Reta Pikowsky (Registrar) and Charles Liotta (Vice-Provost for Graduate Studies).


Professors Green and Parker served respectively as Chairman and Vice-Chairman, and the Registrar served as Committee Secretary.  The liaisons to the Institute Review Committee and the Studies Abroad Committee were Gary Parker and Marilyn Smith respectively.  The liaison from the Executive Board was Bert Bras (ME). 


                The Committee met nine times during the period from Fall 2006 through Summer 2007.  Minutes were kept for all but the April 3 meeting, at which the subject was program review and no actions were taken.  The subcommittee to review petitions (Chair, Registrar, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies) met as needed before the petition meetings of the full committee. 


                The Committee approved the following eight new degree programs and certificates:


Dual MS with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (ISyE)

Double MSCS program with Korea University (CoC)

Dual MS with the University of Trento (CoC)

Graduate certificate in Public Policy

PhD in International Affairs, Science and Technology (INTA)

PhD in Computational Science and Engineering (various units)

MS in Computational Science and Engineering (various units)

PhD in Robotics (various units)


For comparison, the Committee approved three new programs in 2005-6, two in 2004-5, three in 2003-4 and nine in 2002-3.  There are noticeable increases in the numbers of new interdisciplinary programs and new cooperative arrangements with universities abroad. 


The Committee approved a total of 77 new courses (up by 40 from 2005-6), and 18 courses were made inactive at the request of various units (down by 10 from 2005-6).  The Committee approved renumbering or renaming 6 existing courses, as well as various sets of curricular revisions, the most extensive of which were in some of the masters programs in the College of Management. 


The Committee approved two name changes (“MBA – Global Business” to replace “Global Executive MBA”, and “MBA in Management of Technology” to replace “MS in Management of Technology”) for existing degree programs.  It endorsed a plan from the College of Computing to create schools within that college.  It made policy recommendations against the use of the same document as a dissertation or thesis for two different degrees at the same level.  It recommended some changes in policy on transfer credit and some clarifications in the language of policies on various other academic matters. 


                The Committee heard 86 petitions from students, including five appeals.  Fifteen of these petitions, including two appeals, were denied, and the remaining 71 were approved.  The total number of petitions declined by 17 from last year, the number approved declined by 20, and the number denied increased by 3.  The types of petitions do not appear to differ greatly from those of recent years.  


As a part of the continuing process of program review and assessment the Committee completed reviews of the graduate programs in Mathematics; Physics; Mechanical Engineering; Industrial and Systems Engineering; Management; and Psychology.  The programs in Building Construction were carried over for review in 2007-8.