Georgia Institute of Technology

Graduate Curriculum Committee


Thursday, June 12, 2008



Present: Pikowsky (REG), Smith (AE), Babensee (BME, Butera (ECE),   Parker (ISyE), Martins (COM), Mark (CoC), Potts (GRAD STUDIES)


Visitors: Howson (REG), Senft (REG)

Note: All action items in these minutes require approval by the Academic Senate.  In some instances, items may require further approval by the Board of Regents or the University System of Georgia.  If the Regents' approval is required, the change is not official until notification is received from the Board to that effect. Items that are marked below with an asterisk (*) require USG and/or BOR approval and are not official until approval has been received. Academic units should take no action on these items until USG and/or BOR approval is secured.  In addition, units should take no action on any of the items below until these minutes have been approved by the Academic Senate or the Executive Board.

  1. There were no minutes to be approved.  Past minutes were approved via email. There were no administrative items on the agenda.


  1. A motion was made to approve the Subcommittee’s recommendations on student petitions as well as recommendations on those petitions brought forth for full committee review. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.


Reason for Petition




Change grade modes in CSE 6220 to audit, change AE 6101 to letter grade




Request an I grade in AE 8900 for Spring 2008 (distance course)




Readmit first drop




Admission to graduate status with a 3-year degree from India



Tabled pending Summer 2008 grades.

Waive full-time residency requirement for PhD program




Waiver of the 7-year rule




Concurrent enrollment Spring 2008




Late withdrawal Spring 2008









  1. The Committee noted and accepted a change in prefix for courses approved for the new Professional Master’s Program in Applied Systems Engineering. The original suggested prefix of PSE cannot be used due to its existing use in the Paper Science program. The new prefix for these courses will be ASE.


  1. A motion was made to approve a request from the College of Management for new courses.  The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.




MGT 6830 Fundamentals of Innovation I 3-0-3

MGT 6831 Fundamentals of Innovation II 3-0-3

MGT 6832 Special Topics in Technology Commercialization 3-0-3


  1. A motion was made to table a request from College of Architecture for curriculum revisions.  The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.  Note: The Registrar’s Office will follow up with the College of Architecture to discuss any issues related to timing for getting this back on the agenda.


  1. A motion was made to approve a request from the School of Mechanical Engineering for the cross-listing of courses. The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.




      ME 7785 Introduction to Robotics Research 3-0-3

      ME 8750 Multidisciplinary Research Foundation I 0-9-3

      ME 8751 Multidisciplinary Research Foundation II 0-9-3

                  (Other participating units are: CS/AE/ECE.)


Note: This was approved by the School of Mechanical Engineering in Spring 2007 when the PhD in Robotics program and these courses were approved.  The packet that was approved at that time by the Graduate Committee did not note this additional cross-listing, but should have. This action was taken to correct the administrative oversight from Spring 2007.





Reta Pikowsky