Georgia Institute of Technology

Graduate Curriculum Committee


May 14, 2009


Present: Parker (ISyE), Pikowsky (REG), Potts (GRAD STUDIES), Murray (LCC), Ferri (ECE), Storici (BIOL)


Visitors: Jones (REG), Senft (REG), Toktay (MGT)

Note: All action items in these minutes require approval by the Academic Senate.  In some instances, items may require further approval by the Board of Regents or the University System of Georgia.  If the Regents' approval is required, the change is not official until notification is received from the Board to that effect.  Academic units should take no action on these items until USG and/or BOR approval is secured.  In addition, units should take no action on any of the items below until these minutes have been approved by the Academic Senate or the Executive Board.

  1. A quorum was not present. Therefore, the following agenda items were discussed in preparation for an official vote at the next meeting.
  2. There were no minutes to approve.  All previous minutes were approved via email.
  3. The College of Management presented a request for a new course. The members present suggested that a summary syllabus be provided. Drs. Murray and Ferris will not be able to attend the next meeting in June.  They therefore submit votes of “yes” for the following course when it comes up for official vote in June.




MGT 6359 Business Strategies for Sustainability 3-0-3

Note: The proposal was changed to note all three grade modes. A prerequisite was also added: Graduate standing or consent of instructor.


  1. A student petition requesting retroactive award (May 2007) of his Master’s degree in Digital Media was discussed. It was determined that more information would be gathered and that Dr. Murray would discuss some of the details with the student. The Committee recognizes the need to maintain the integrity of procedures used to resolve issues related to the conferral of the degrees, but also recognizes the confusing nature of this situation. Additional findings will be presented at a future meeting and a vote will be taken then to determine the outcome.
  2. Discussion regarding some of the administrative items brought forth by the Registrar’s Office was delayed for a future meeting.
  3. The following report on Petitions Subcommittee activity was provided. A formal vote will be taken at the next meeting.


2 Term withdrawals FA07 and SP09 Approved
2 Substitute XXX9000 for XXX7000 to earn MS Degree Approved
3 Six-Year waiver Approved
2 Selective withdrawals Denied
1 Change Status from Special to Degree seeking  Approved
1 Have courses taken during Special Status count towards degree  Approved
1 Concurrent enrollment Approved
2 Change grade mode Approved





Reta Pikowsky