Minutes of the Graduate Curriculum Committee

December 9, 1999


Members Present: Fisk (PSY); Hertel (ME); Jagoda (AE); Omiecinski (CoC); Parsons (MGT); Peters (Student); Peterson (ECE). Rodgers (PubP-for Bostrom); Roper (Reg); Sanders (MSE); Vande Vate (ISyE)

Visitors: Kilroy (Grad Studies); Kertz (MATH)

  1. The chair called on representatives from the Schools of Industrial Engineering and Mathematics, and the College of Management, who made a presentation outlining a Program of Study leading to a new degree. Master of Science in quantitative and Computational Finance. During the presentation, the following program requirements and semester courses were proposed.

    A Master of Science in Quantitative and Computational Finance (MQCF CIP: 52.0899) 


    Required Core Courses


    MGT 6078; MGT 6081; MATH 6635; ISyE/MATH 6759; ISyE/MATH 6767; ISyE/MATH/MGT 6769


    Three semester hours from the following -


    ISyE 6673; MATH 6235; MGT 6090


    Six semester hours from the following -


    ISyE/MATH 6783; ISyE/MATH/MGT 6785; MGT 7061


    Nine semester hours of free electives at the 6000 level or higher -



    Total Semester Hours =




    ISyE 6673

    Financial Optimization Models



    MATH 6235

    Stochastic Processes II



    MATH 6635

    Numerical Methods in Finance



    MGT 6078

    Finance and Investments



    ISyE/MATH 6759

    Stochastic Processes I



    ISyE/MATH 6767

    Design and Implementation of Support Systems



    ISyE/MATH 6783

    Financial Data Analysis



    ISyE/MATH/MGT 6769

    Fixed Income Securities



    ISyE/MATH/MGT 6785

    QCF Seminars



    ISyE/MATH/MGT 6793

    Advanced Topics in QCF



    Following the presentation, the representatives answered questions from the committee members. After an extended discussion of the program, a motion was made to approve the proposal. This motion was seconded and passed. Note: There were minor revisions and additional information requested. This information will be sent to the chair and the secretary.

  3. The following course semester hour change requested by the College of Management was approved:
  4. MGT 6081 changed from 2-0-2 to 3-0-3

  5. The following course semester-hour change requested by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering was approved:
  6. CEE 6319 changed from 2-0-2 to 3-0-3

  7. The following new course proposed by the College of Computing was approved:
  8. CS 6421 Active and Dynamic Database Management systems changed to CS 6421 Temporal, Spatial, and Active Databases 3-0-3

  9. The College of Management informed the committee that they would no longer participate in the graduate statistics program; therefore, no longer offering the MS in Statistics.
  10. The chair reported that an e-mail vote was taken on the request by the School of Aerospace Engineering to permit students entering the third year of their Program of Studies at SUPABRO, the Grande Ecole for Aerospace Engineering in Toulouse, France, to enroll at Georgia Tech as graduate students with full standing. These students have completed for Baccalaureate, two years of MAT SPE, and two years at the Grande Ecole. Normally, admission to graduate school at Georgia Tech requires a BS degree. However, this exception is currently extended to applicants from other Grand Ecoles in France who are partners with Georgia Tech-Lorraine.


All 11 votes received were in favor of the proposal.


There followed agenda item 7 which relates to student petitions and records; these items are not reproduced in the public version of these minutes.


Frank Roper