Minutes of the Graduate Curriculum Committee

April 27, 2000


Members Present: Hayes (ECE); Hertel (ME); Gregory (ARCH); McDowell (ME); Omiecinski (CoC); Parsons (MGT); Peterson (ECE); Williamson (Reg-for McIver)

Visitors: Turner (MGT)


  1. A motion was made to approve the minutes of February 3, March 2 and March 30 meetings. Motion was seconded and approved.
  2. The following request from the Dupree College of Management was approved (8-0).
  3. New Course:

    MGT 6340 Electronic Commerce and Marketing 3-0-3

    Approval of this course finalizes the Certificate in E-Commerce.

  4. The following request of the College of Computing was approved (8-0).
  5. New Courses:

    CS 6255 Principles of Network Management 3-0-3

    CS 7467 Computer-supported Collaborative Learning 3-0-3

  6. Student petition and record matters (not reproduced in the public version of these minutes)


M. Jo McIver