Minutes of the Graduate Curriculum Committee

March 30, 2000


Members Present: Bidsuup (ChE); Brown (ECE); Gregory (ARCH); Heeel (ME); Jagoda (AE); McDowell (ME); Omiecinski (CoC), McIver (Reg); Parsons (MGT); Peterson (ECE); Rodgers (CEE); Vande Vate (ISyE)

Visitors: Eastman (ARCH); Green (MATH); McCracken (CoC)


  1. Michael McCracken from the College of Computing, and Chuck Eastman from the College of Architecture presented the Master's Certificate Program in Design Computing. After discussion, a motion was made to approve the certificate. The motion was seconded and approved (12-0-0).
  2. The College of Computing and the College of Architecture requested the approval of the following courses:
  3. COAICS 6163

    Design Environments



    COAKS 6764

    Geometric Modeling


  4. After discussion, a motion was made to approve the courses with the addition of a P/F basis option, and change the original request of COALS 6763 to reflect the unsupervised lab portion in the lecture portion of the class. The motion was seconded and approved (12-0-0).
  5. COA 8670 and COA 8678 should be made inactive after Spring term, 2000.

  6. Bill Green, School of Mathematics, proposed, on behalf of Maureen Kilroy, the following change to the Graduate Degree Requirements under the Semester system:
  7. a). Change "Maximum time to complete degree after admission to candidacy…5 years" to "Maximum time to complete degree from the end of the semester in which they pass the comprehensive examination…5 years". After a discussion concerning procedures in individual schools, a motion was made to approve the change as requested. The motion was seconded and approved (12-0-0).

  8. The School of Public Policy requested the following changes to the Master of Science in Public Policy curriculum. To meet the Policy and Organizational Requirement, students will be required to take PUBP 6012 Policy Process, PUBP 6201 Public Policy Analysis and one course from the sub-menu:
  9. a). PUBP 6014 Organization Theory, PUBP 6017 Public Management or PUBP 6018 Policy Implementation and Administration. This change will reduce the number of semester hours required to graduate from 49 to 46. A motion was seconded and approved (12-0-0).

  10. The School of International Affairs requested approval for participation in the Graduate Course Option which permits a student who completes both the Bachelor's and Master's in the same discipline at Georgia Tech to use up to six credit hours of graduate-level course work in the major discipline for both degrees. A motion was made to allow International Affairs to participate in the Graduate Course Option. The motion was seconded and approved (12-0-0).
  11. The committee discussed the admission requirements of two applicants for the Executive Master of Science in ISyE.


M. Jo McIver