Minutes of the Graduate CurriculumCommittee

March 2, 2000


Members Present: DeWeerth (ECE); Hayes (ECE); Hertel (ME); Jagoda (AE); Omiecinski (CoC); Parsons (MGT); Peters (Student); Peterson (ECE); Rodgers (PubP); Saunders (MSE); Will (CEE); McIver (Reg)

Visitors: Kilroy (Grad Studies)

  1. A motion was made to approve the course changes requested by the School of Biology except the change from BIOL 8112. The motion was seconded and approved (9-3-0). Course changes approved:
  2. Original Course Change to:

    BIOL 8013 BIOL 7913 Advances in Microbiology 2-0-2

    BIOL 8014 BIOL 7914 Advances in Bacteriology 2-0-2

    BIOL 8023 BIOL 7923 Advances in Ecology 2-0-2

    BIOL 8024 BIOL 7924 Advances in Environmental Biology 2-0-2

    BIOL 8063 BIOL 7963 Advances in Molecular Biology 2-0-2

    BIOL 8064 BIOL 7964 Advances in Genetics 2-0-2


  3. Maureen Kilroy presented a revised Policy of Hour Loads for graduate students to include Summer semesters. An earlier version of the policy had been approved by the Academic Senate on 11/30/99 to cover Fall and Spring semesters only. The definition of full time for Summer was discussed. The revised three-semester policy was approved (12-0-0).
  4. Ms. Kilroy presented a rough draft of Graduate Committee procedures. Corrections were recommended. Kilroy will revise and present a final copy to the committee for approval.
  5. A motion was made to approve the February 3, 2000 minutes as corrected. Motion was seconded and approved (12-0-0).

There followed agenda items 5 through 23 which relate to student petitions and records; these items are not reproduced in the public version of these minutes.


Jo McIver