October 9, 2003


PRESENT: Bidstrup (ChE), Craig (AE), Hertling (ECE), Parker (ISYE), Parsons (MGT), Qu  (Me), Sanders (MSE), Will (CEE),


VISITORS: Hackman (ISYE), Kilroy (Grad Studies), Tsui (ISYE)



1.      It was noted that the minutes of the August 28, 2003 meeting were approved electronically so that they could be considered at the next Academic Senate meeting.


2.      The SCHOOL OF INDUSTRIAL & SYSTEMS ENGINEERING requested approval of four new courses.  Gary Parker (ISYE) gave out a revised new course form for "ISYE 6407", with the title changed to "Regression Analysis".    The title of the proposed "ISYE 6226: Financial Engineering and Real Options Analysis" was also changed to "ISYE 6227: Introduction to Financial Engineering".   The proposed course numbers 6226, 6406, and 6407 were changed to 6227, 6413, and 6414, respectively.  A motion was made to approve the request with stated amendments.  The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.



ISYE 6227:  Introduction to Financial Engineering   (3-0-3)

ISYE 6412:  Theoretical Statistics (3-0-3)

ISYE 6413:  Design and Analysis of Experiments  (3-0-3)

ISYE 6414:  Statistical Modeling and Regression Analysis   (3-0-3)


3.      The sub-committee for petitions gave a report concerning the review of the petitions.  A motion was made to accept the report.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


4. The subcommittee for petitions reviewed 21 petitions.  All were approved, except as noted:


  5-to waive 6/7-year rule

10-to withdraw from school/course past deadline (3 denied)

  2-to change basis of course (2 denied)

  1-to return spring after withdrawing fall 2003

  2-to count course towards degree (1 denied)

  1-to be readmitted spring 2004 (denied)


5.      Gary Parker (ISYE) volunteered to replace Jeff Jagoda, whose term on the IGC expired, as liaison to the IRC, subject to approval by the IRC.


6.      There was further discussion of a proposal to amend the Institute Committee on Advisement to accommodate joint (inter-institutional) degree programs.








M. Kilroy, Graduate Studies & Research for

M. Jo McIver, Registrar





MJM: am

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