July 29, 2004



PRESENT: Bennett (MGT-for Parsons), Green (MATH), McIver (REG), Parker (ISYE)


VISITORS: Kertz (MATH), Kilroy (GRAD Studies)



1.       A motion was made to approve the minutes of the June 10, 2004 meeting with minor corrections.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


2.       The Committee reviewed three petitions referred by the sub-committee.


3.       The Chair presented the report from the petitions sub-committee.  A motion was made to accept the report.  The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.


4.       Informational Item:  The numbering system for cross-listed courses has been changed.  The new numbers for graduate courses will be x74x.  The cross-listed numbers under the previous system was x75x. This change was made so that more numbers would be available for use.


5.       The COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT requested that the International Executive Master of Business Administration be changed to Global Executive Master of Business Administration.  The previous degree had never been awarded. Some of the courses for this degree will be offered with partner institutions in France and Argentina. A motion was made to approve the request.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


6.       The COLLEGE OF COMPUTING informed the Committee that the Master of Science degree will be offered on the Lorraine Campus beginning spring 2005.


7.       The committee reviewed twenty-three petitions, covering twenty-four actions.  All were approved except noted:


2-to graduate with low gpa

6-to withdraw from course(s) (1 denied)

2-to be readmitted fall 2004 (1 denied)

5-to count course(s) towards other course(s)/degree

4-to waive 6/7-year rule

4-to return fall 2004 after withdrawing summer

1-to increase scheduled hours







M. Jo McIver