Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater





1.      Opening Remarks by President Peterson.

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting of the Academic Senate – November 19, 2013

3.      Request for nominees for faculty governance positions – Prof. Bob Kirkman, Chair of the Nominations Committee

4.      Recommendation of a new version of the Faculty Handbook addressing changes in faculty definition and associated matters of faculty governance (first reading)
– Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Chair of the Statutes Committee

a.       Presentation

b.      Proposed revised Faculty Handbook

c.       Existing Faculty Handbook

5.   Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty.

a)   Faculty Benefits Committee (Prof. Jason Freeman, Chair). 10/21/13, 12/2/13 No action items.

b)   Statutes Committee (Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Chair):  1/9/14, 1/29/14 No additional action items.

6.      Approval of Minutes and Action Items of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty.

a)      Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Prof. Laura Hollengreen, Chair): 12/10/13, 1/7/14, 1/14/14, 1/21/14, 2/11/14            Presentation

Action Items. From 1/14:  CoA-Music – BS in Music Technology prospectus; EAS – 3 new courses; Chemistry & Biochemistry – 1 new course & modification in Minors in Chemistry and in Energy Systems involving course requirements; ISyE – request to join the Minor in Energy Systems with specification of course requirements; HTS – 5 new courses (some with attributes) & new Minor in Sports, Society, and Technology; General Education Subcommittee (GES) – social science attributes for 4 of the new courses from HTS; GES – requirements for statements of learning outcomes in syllabi of courses involving core attributes. From 2/11: Math – 1 course deactivated; CoA-Architecture – Research Option added to BS degree in Architecture.

b)      Graduate Curriculum Committee (Prof. Jeff Jagoda, Chair):   1/16/14, 2/6/14         Presentation

Action Items. From 1/16: Biology –changes in restrictions associated with 4 courses; Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Advisory Committee – RCR Academic Policy for Master’s Students; LMC – 1 new course, change all LCC courses designation to LMC, correcting required course listings for the PhD with major in Digital Media, and for the MS in Digital Media.  From 2/6: CoA-City and regional Planning – new certificate in Geographic Information Systems; CoA-Building Construction – 1 new course; Psychology – modification in the PhD with major in Psychology involving changes in course requirements; CoE, CoC, and Business – new MS in Analytics degree; elimination of undesignated MS degrees (listed in minutes) and of two discontinued degrees – elimination will be completed once any students in these programs have graduated. 

c)   Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee (Prof. Craig Tovey, Chair):  11/18/13.  No action items.

7.   Any Other Business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

February 17, 2014


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