Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.   Call to Order and Opening Remarks – Provost Rafael Bras.

2.   Approval of minutes of previous meeting – April 24, 2012

3.   Announcements concerning the Georgia Tech Charitable Campaign – Ms. Hope Wilson, Chair

4.   Report on progress in creating a Central Policy Library for Georgia Tech – Ms. Mia Reini, Director of Compliance and Policy Management, and Dr. Ron Bohlander, Secretary of the Faculty

5.   Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty

a.       Faculty Benefits – Mr. David Millard filling in for the chair, Prof. Bettina Cothran
Minutes: 12/5/11, 1/23/12, 2/27/12, 4/9/12 & 8/27/12 ... No action items.

b.      Faculty Honors – Prof. Joel Sokol

c.       Faculty Status & Grievance – Prof. David Anderson

d.      Statutes – Ms. Jeanne Balsam
Minutes 4/17/12, 4/24/12, 5/31/12, 6/19/12, 7/24/12, & 9/17/12.  No action items.

e.       Academic Services – Dr. Amy D’Unger, 2012-13 Chair filling in for the 2011-12 Chair, Dr. Helena Mitchell
Minutes: 8/31/11, 9/29/11, 10/26/11, 11/16/11, 12/14/11, 1/24/12, 2/14/12, 3/13/12, 5/15/12, & 7/31/12.  No action items.

f.       Welfare & Security – Mr. Bob Pikowsky filling in for the 2011-12 chair, Prof. Margaret Kosal


6.      Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum – Profs. Jerry Seitzman and Pradeep Agrawal

Minutes: 7/24/12, 7/27/12, 8/14/12, 8/21/12, 9/4/12, 9/18/12, 10/2/12

Action items: From 7/24: Public Policy & College of Business – modification in the Minor in Leadership Studies involving changes in course requirements and options with some new courses and an internship; MSE – 1 new course; Me – 1 new course + a modification to the BSME degree involving new course options and a new optional concentration in Mechanics of Materials.  From 8/14: INTA – 1 new course; General Education Subcommittee – approval of certain courses (and denial of others) to satisfy USG General Education requirements.  From 9/4: Public Policy & College of Business – further clarification of the modification in the Minor in Leadership Studies approved in the 7/24 meeting; Public Policy – modification to the Minor in Law, Science, and Technology and to the Certificate in pre-Law involving course requirements; CoA-Building Construction – 1 new course, 1 course deactivated, and a modification to the Bachelor of Science in Building Construction involving a course change requested for compliance with accreditation; Biology – modification in the Minor in Energy Systems bringing it in line with a campus-wide minor in this topic with cross-disciplinary course requirements and a capstone project. From 10/2: Appl. Physiology – 1 new course; Public Policy – change the name of the Minor in Philosophy of Science and Technology to the Minor in Philosophy, and a similar change to the name of a corresponding certificate to Certificate in Philosophy; ME – change in the process of changing major into Mechanical Engineering raising the standards for such a change except for students who started as freshmen at Georgia Tech and are still within their first 2 semesters (or 3 if they start in the summer); ISyE – change in the process of changing major into Industrial and Systems Engineering raising the standards for such a change in a way similar to the above; Psychology – minor change in the course requirements for a BS in Psychology.

b.      Graduate Curriculum – Profs. Jonathan Clarke and Benjamin Flowers. 

Minutes: 9/6/12, 9/13/12, 10/4/12

Action Items: From 9/6: CoA-City Planning – approval of a modified proposal for an MS in Geographic Information Science and Technology degree involving a small change to the credit hours required.  From 9/13: Office of Research Compliance – Requirement for Master’s degree students to complete Responsible Conduct in Research training deferred from fall 2012 to fall 2014; Public Policy – modification of the Certificate in Public Policy adding to the list of elective course options; Business – 1 new course; CoA-Building Construction – 1 new course; CoA-Architecture – 10 new courses & 4 courses deactivated in fall 2013.  From 10/4: Appl. Physiology – modification to the MS in Prosthetics and Orthotics involving course requirements.

c.       Student Regulations – Prof. Chuck Parsons

Minutes: 9/15/11. 10/6/11, 11/10/11, 12/1/11, 8/30/12
Action items: From 10/6:  Addition to Exam Guidelines - “Students will have the full two hours and fifty minutes to complete the final, unless otherwise stated on the syllabus.  Students must be notified of any changes to the duration of the final exam at least two weeks before the first day of Finals Week.”   From 11/10:  Change to Section VI. F. of student regulations concerning Change of Major - "3.  Students who change their majors must complete the degree requirements in the Catalog that was effective for the term in which the change of major became official, or any subsequent Catalog."   From 12/1:  Change Catalog Section V.C., “Grade Substitution”) should add:  “6.  This policy is not petitionable.” (although the Registrar could consider unusual circumstances arising from student illness or other misfortune); change the Catalog Section V.A.2 to read:  “2.  The following grades will be used in the cases indicated and will not be included in the calculation of scholastic average:  S – satisfactory performance in a course, U – unsatisfactory performance in a course, V – assigned when the course has been audited; no credit given; and implies no academic achievement on the part of the student.”; addition to the Catalog, Section VI.D (Scholastic Regulations/Maximum Schedule Load): “5.  During Phase I registration, the Institute reserves the right to limit undergraduate students to 18 credits maximum for Fall and Spring terms and graduate students to less than 21 hours depending upon the needs of the program or School.”

d.      Student Academic & Financial Affairs – Prof. Craig Tovey

e.       Student Activities – Mr. Bruce Henson

Minutes: 9/8/11, 10/21/11, 11/4/11, 12/2/11, 1/25/12, 2/15/12, 2/29/12, 3/14/12, 3/28/12, 4/11/12, & 4/18/12

Action items: Approval of all student activity charters and constitution revisions recommended by the committee as documented in their minutes and the annual report.

f.       Student Grievance & Appeal – Prof. Arnie Schneider

g.      Student Honor – Profs. Blake Leland and David Bucknall

h.      Student Computer Ownership – Ms. Lori Critz
Minutes: 9/15/11, 2/15/12, 9/12/12

i.        Academic Integrity – Prof. Tom Morley

Minutes: 11/1/11. Action item: Change in the statement of the Sanctioning Model clarifying that indirect effects of sanctions are not covered by the model itself.

7.      Any other business.




Ronald A Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

October 22, 2012 – afternoon edition