Tuesday, February 19, 2013, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater





1.      Opening Remarks by Provost Bras.

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting of the Academic Senate November 27, 2012

3.      Request for nominees for faculty governance positions Prof. Rob Butera, Chair of the Nominations Committee

4.   Recommendation of a new version of the Faculty Handbook (first reading) Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Chair of the Statutes Committee, and Dr. Ron Bohlander, Secretary of the Faculty

5.   Proposed change in Sections 5.6.7 & 5.6.8 of the Faculty Handbook regarding the duties of the curriculum committees in Academic Program Reviews (second reading) Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Chair of the Statutes Committee

6.   Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty.

a)   Faculty Benefits Committee (Prof. Bettina Cothran, Chair) 9/24/12, 12/3/12. No action items.

b)   Statutes Committee (Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Chair) 12/3/12, 1/7/13. No further action items.

7.      Approval of Minutes and Action Items of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty.

a)      Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Prof. Pradeep Agrawal, Chair): 11/20/12, 11/30/12, 12/11/12, 1/8/13, 1/15/13, 1/22/13, 2/12/13

Action Items. From 1/15:  Math 2 new courses; EAS 3 new courses + modification in the BS degree in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences involving changes in research and course requirements + modifications to the Minor in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences updating published course requirements; CoC a new subject code CX + 3 new courses + 8 renumbered courses + 8 deactivated courses + a cluster of new special topic course numbers + a new Minor in Scientific and Engineering Computing + a new Minor in Computational Data Analysis; Modern Languages & International Affairs modification to the BS degree in International Affairs and Modern Language involving a designation of a language concentration and corresponding degree requirements; Modern Languages and Economics modification to the BS degree in Global Economics and Modern Languages involving designation of a language concentration and other areas of specialization and corresponding degree requirements; Modern Languages modification to the BS degree in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies adding Russian to the available language concentrations + approval of 15 new courses and deactivation of 8 courses + some changes in subject codes and course numbers and advanced standing credit rules.   From 2/12: Applied Physiology 1 new course & 1 deactivated; CoA-Bldg. Constr. modification in BS degree in Building Construction involving a change in course requirements to respond to accreditation guidance; AE modification in the BS degree in Aerospace Engineering involving a small number of changes in course requirements; BME 1 new course; Public Policy change in Pre-Law Certificate and in the Minor in Law, Science, and Technology involving changes in required course listings and options for both; ME modification in the BS degree in Mechanical Engineering involving course requirements, two new courses, a course deactivation, and addition of a new Manufacturing concentration area making a total of 5 concentration options; Chemistry & Biochemistry change in Minors in Chemistry and in Biochemistry involving course requirements and options + a change in a course title + 1 course deactivation; CoC & LMC modification of the BS degree in Computational Media involving changes in required courses & 1 new course; LMC modification of the BS degree in Science in Science, Technology and Culture changing its name to BS degree in Literature, Media, and Communication and involving concentrations pursued through a threaded curriculum with new course requirements + 2 new courses and changes in course codes to reflect change in school name.

b)      Graduate Curriculum Committee (Prof. Jeff Jagoda, Vice-Chair):   1/17/13, 2/7/13
Action Items. From 1/17: Economics 1 new course; CEE 2 new course & 1 deactivated; Economics, HTS, INTA, LMC, and Public Policy new Certificate in Science, Technology, and Society + 7 new courses; Applied Physiology new external dual Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) & PhD degree in which GIT will cover the PhD in Applied Physiology and Emory, the DPT.  From 2/7: MSE & BME 1 new cross-listed course; ECE change in location of MS in ECE offered in China, from Shanghai to Shenzhen; Business modifications in the MBA degrees in Global Business and in Management of Technology to have a common core as well as changes in course requirements, modified courses, 8 new courses, and expanded capstone projects.

c)   Student Regulations Committee (Prof. Chuck Parsons):  12/13/12. No action items.

d)   Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee (Prof. Craig Tovey):  12/11/12.
Action item: Proposed clarifications of excused absence procedures.

8.   Any Other Business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

February 18, 2013


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