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Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 3:00 pm

Ferst Center for the Arts




1.      Call to Order and Introduction of President Peterson (Ms. Barbara Henry)

2.      State of the Institute Address (President Bud Peterson).

Interlude in preparation for faculty business meeting

3.   Approval of minutes of previous meeting April 21, 2009

4. Presentation of plans for schools within the College of Architecture (Sr. Assoc. Dean Doug Allen)

5.   Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty

a.       Faculty Benefits (Dr. Bettina Cothran)
Minutes: 3/4/09, 4/9/09, 5/5/09, 8/24/09. No action items.

b.      Faculty Honors (Dr. Bill Hunt)

c.       Faculty Status & Grievance (Dr. Gary Parker)

d.      Statutes (Mr. Tim Strike)

e.       Academic Services (Ms. Marlit Hayslett)

f.       Welfare & Security (Dr. Bob Pikowsky)

Minutes: 11/11/08. No action items.

6.      Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum (Drs. John Tone and George Riley)

Minutes: 4/8/09, 4/22/09, 5/11/09, 6/10/09, 6/17/09, 7/15/09, 8/12/09, 8/18/09, 9/8/09, 9/22/09

Action items: From 4/22: INTA modifications to curriculum for BS in International Affairs, BS in International Affairs and Modern Language, and BS in Economics and International Affairs; BME modification to curriculum for BS in Biomedical Engineering; CETL 1 new course; CEE 1 new course, an updated catalog entry, & a course requirement change for BSCE degree; CoC 1 new course; ISyE 1 new course.  From 6/10: Psychology 2 new courses & 3 course modifications; LCC 2 new courses & a new minor in Technical Communication; Architecture 5 new courses in music.  From 7/15: CoC-CS modification to the People Thread in BS in Computer Science; Architecture modification of an existing music minor and creation of 2 new ones.  From 9/8: ECE modifications to a Dual Bachelors Degree with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) incl. students must satisfy the degree requirements of both institutions; ISyE 1 new course; Modern Languages 6 new courses; CoC 1 posthumous degree award

b.      Graduate Curriculum (Drs. Gary Parker and Julie Babensee). 

Minutes: 6/11/09, 9/3/09, 10/1/09

Action Items: From 6/11: Architecture new PhD degree with major in City and regional Planning; Management 1 new course.  From 9/3: Architecture 11 new courses relating to urban design and suburbia, 5 new courses relating to music, & a new PhD degree with major in Music Technology; College of Engineering modifications for MS in Nuclear Engineering & MS in Medical Physics so that physics undergraduate students of Clark Atlanta University can gain early access to graduate level courses at GT, leading to possible admission as GT graduate students.  Courses taken in the accelerated program can be double counted if requirements met.  From 10/1: Mgt 2 new course and 1 course deactivated; College of Engineering new dual MSECE degree with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

c.       Student Regulations (Ms. Reta Pikowsky for Dr. Jeff Streator, Chair)

Minutes: 9/1/09, 10/7/09, 10/14/09

Action items:  From 10/14: Change in the regulation about the dates of last withdrawal to permit Registrar some flexibility in setting these dates to accommodate slight variations in the academic calendar.  

d.      Student Academic & Financial Affairs (Dr. Augustine Esogbue)

Minutes: 8/28/08, 10/6/08, 11/10/08, 1/29/09, 2/26/09, 4/24/09.  No action items.

e.       Student Activities (Drs. Brent Carter and Bruce Henson)

Minutes: 9/5/08, 9/19/08, 10/10/08, 11/7/08, 11/21/08, 2/2/09, 2/16/09, 3/9/09, 3/30/09, 4/13/09, 4/29/09, 7/14/09, 7/21/09

Action items: Approval of all student activity charters and constitution revisions recommended by the committee as documented in their minutes and the annual report.

f.       Student Grievance & Appeal (Dr. Doug Flamming)

g.      Student Honor (Dr. Carol Senf)

h.      Student Computer Ownership (Dr. Jonathan Giffin)

i.        Academic Integrity (Dr. Robert Kirkman)

Minutes: 9/19/08, 4/17/09.  No action items.

7.      Any Other Business.




Ronald A Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

October 19, 2009