Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater





1.      Opening Remarks by the President.

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting November 18, 2008

3.   Guidance on protecting vital student and personnel information (Pikowsky and Baines)

4.   Update and request for feedback on new "classroom" emergency notification system (Altizer)

5.   Reports from Provost Task Forces on

a)   Interdisciplinarity (McGinnis)

b)   Georgia Tech curriculum improvements (Jacobs)

6.   Request for nominees for faculty committees (Williams)

7.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees.

a)   Faculty Benefits Committee (Cothran): 9/3/08, 9/29/08, 10/29/08, 12/2/08, 1/13/09.  No action items.

b)   Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Tone): 11/19/08, 12/3/08, 12/17/08, 1/5/09, 1/14/09, 1/28/09
Action Items. From 1/14: ChBE changes in BS in ChBE (std and biotech versions) to make 3 electives no longer free electives but rather ChBE electives (& thus ABET compliant); Architecture 3 new courses in Building Construction + International Plan participation for Industrial Design with several curriculum changes to facilitate this participation; Economics revision in minor in economics reducing hours to 15 and advanced coursework to 9 hours; Biology revision in the minor in biology reducing hours to 15 and advanced coursework to 9; Chemistry and Biochemistry deactivate 1 course and add 2 new courses, with attendant changes in curriculum requirements for BS in Biochemistry and BS in Chemistry (various tracks); Computing changes in the Theory thread for BS in Computer Science, 1 new course, and revision to title of 1 course; ME deactivate 3 courses; HTS 2 new courses and changes to curriculum for BS with major in History, Technology, and Society, adding and subtracting certain courses & increasing to 3 the number of courses in science, technology, or medicine and increasing core course requirements to 38 hours, reducing free electives to 18 hours, and requiring a C grade or better in certain core courses.

c)   Graduate Curriculum Committee (Parker):  1/22/09
Action Items. From 1/22:  Architecture 3 new courses for Building Construction + 3 new courses for City and Regional Planning.

d)   Student Regulations Committee (Pikowsky): 2/5/09
Action Items.  From 2/5: New regulations concerning examinations for Advanced Standing. Also a new policy to set the deadline to change the grade mode from letter grade to pass/fail (and vice-versa) as the same day as the last day to withdraw from a course without penalty.

e)   Student Computer Ownership Committee (Giffin): 9/2/08, 10/9/08, 11/4/08, 11/25/08, 1/22/09
Action Items. From 1/22:  Approval of Student Computer Ownership Brochure for Summer and Fall 2009

8.      Any Other Business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

February 6, 2009


Links will be provided to read ahead material as available.  Additional items from committee minutes may be added.