Tuesday, February 5, 2008, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater





1.      Opening Remarks by the President.

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting November 27, 2007

3.      Presentation on Undergraduate Learning Center (Smith)

4.   Presentation on GT Data Cleanup Campaign (Mullins)

5.   Request for nominees for faculty committees (Henry)

6.      Recommended changes to the Faculty Handbook (Strike, Rossignac, Bohlander)

a) Setting out the function of the Student Grievance and Appeals Committee (second reading)

b) Other changes from the Faculty Governance Task Force

7.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate.

a)   Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Parsons): 11/28/07, 12/12/07, 12/19/07, 1/7/08, 1/16/08, 1/25/08
Action Items: From 12/12: EAS one new course on water quality.  From 1/16: ModLang 6 new courses and approval of AP credit for Latin; BMED 7 new courses and numerous curriculum changes incl. provision to count BMED 2699/4699 Undergraduate Research as an elective if research conducted in the same lab over 2 semesters; ECE 5 new courses, numerous curriculum changes, and changes in degree requirements for BSEE and BSEE (Regional Engineering Program), with also changes in the 8-semester schedule; posthumous degree for a ChBE student and one for an MSE student; CoC curriculum changes for BSCS involving renaming of three of the threads and reorganization of elective courses as well as a number of prerequisite corrections, and also a new Certificate in Software Engineering.

b)   Graduate Curriculum Committee (Parker): 1/17/08
Action Items: From 1/17: CoC 1 new course and change in grading option for another; AE 3 new courses; ECE 10 new courses, 1 deactivated, change in course restrictions for 4 courses, and 1 prerequisite change; ECE dual MS in ECE with Politecnico di Torino; Mgt 4 new courses.  Discussion of possible new international transfer credit policies also noted.  This discussion will be resumed at the next meeting.

c)   Student Regulations Committee (Streator): 11/19/07
Action Items: From 11/19: 1) Change in the statement of the grade substitution policy whereby a freshman can retake a course in which they make a D or F.  The change clarifies the time limits when students participate in the Freshman Summer Session.  2) Change in the grade point average below which an undergraduate student is placed on academic probation or dropped for unsatisfactory scholarship.  The change is from GPA≤1.0 to GPA<1.0.  This is change is for compatibility with the Banner software used.

d)   Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee (Omiecinski): 8/28/07, 9/27/07, 10/25/07, 11/29/07.  No action items.

8.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty

a)   Faculty Benefits (Cothran):   10/23/07, 11/27/07, 1/15/08.  No action items.

b)   Academic Services (Loper):  11/15/07.  No action items.

9.      Any Other Business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

February 4, 2008


Links will be provided to read ahead material as available.  Additional items from committee minutes may be added.