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Tuesday, October 10, 2006, 3:00 pm

Amphitheater 236 Global Learning Center




1.      State of the Institute Address (President Clough).

2.      Approval of Minutes of previous meeting (April 18 , 2006) Attachment #1

3.      Appointment of a new Secretary of the Faculty (Hughes)

4.      Proposed Faculty Handbook revisions (Griffin/Bohlander) Attachments #2 & 3

5.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty Attachment 4

a.       Faculty Benefits: 04/27/06

b.      Statutes: 08/30/06

c.       Academic Services: 04/13/06; 08/24/06; 09/12/06

d.      Welfare & Security: 02/08/06; 05/03/06; 07/17/06

6.      Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate Attachment 4

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum: 04/05/06; 04/26/06(a); 04/26/06(b); 05/03/06; 05/15/06; 05/22/06; 06/14/06; 07/12/06; 08/02/06; 08/21/06; 08/28/06; 09/06/06 [Action Items: Name change of minor/certificate in Fiber Enterprise Management (FEM); Change in course requirements for FEM minor; modifications to BS PSYH requirements; new course in COA (04/05/06); New courses in ChBE, PUBP, and INEX; change in requirements for Public Policy and Political Science minors; establishments of schools within the College of Computing (08/21/06)]

b.      Graduate Curriculum: 05/02/06; 05/18/06; 07/06/06; 07/26/06; 08/29/06; 09/21/06 [Action Items: Name Change for MS in Information Design and Technology; New courses in APPH and ME; Title Change for APPH course; Inactive course in APPH (07/06/06); Dual MS degree between ISyE and Shanghai Jiao Tong University; New Double degree program between CoC (MSCS) and Korea University; New course in ME (09/21/06)]

c.       Student Regulations: 09/22/05

d.      Student Activities: 11/07/05; 04/17/06

e.       Academic Integrity: 09/02/05; 10/07/05; 11/04/05

7.      Presentation of Annual reports of Standing Committees of the General Faculty Attach. #4

a.       Faculty Benefits (Michael Chang)

b.      Faculty Honors (Bill Hunt)

c.       Faculty Status & Grievance (Mike Rodgers)

d.      Statutes (Ron Bohlander)

e.       Academic Services (Jeff Donnell)

f.        Welfare & Security (Mary Ann Ingram)

8.      Presentation of Annual reports of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate Attach. #4

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum (Paul Benkeser)

b.      Graduate Curriculum (Bill Green)

c.       Student Regulations (Kent Barefield)

d.      Student Academic & Financial Affairs (Ed Omiecinski)

e.       Student Activities (Brent Carter)

f.        Student Grievance & Appeal (Deborah Turner)

g.       Student Honor (Gus Giebelhaus)

h.       Student Computer Ownership (Jim McClellan)

i.         Academic Integrity (Tom Morley)

9.      Any Other Business.



Said Abdel-Khalik

Secretary of the Faculty

October 9, 2006


Attachments to be included with Meeting Agenda:


  1. Minutes of the Called meeting of the General Faculty combined with meeting of the Academic Senate and Annual Meeting of the Academic Faculty, April 18, 2006
  2. Recommended Changes to the Faculty Handbook (Presentation by Ron Bohlander and Paul Griffin)
  3. Detailed Listing of Recommended Changes to the Faculty Handbook
  4. Minutes and Annual reports of Standing Committees
    1. 08/05 07/06:
    2. 08/06 07/07: