August 28, 2003


PRESIDENT: Bostrom (PUBP), Craig (AE), DeWeerth (ECE/BME), Green (MATH), Khan (ARCH), McIver (REG), Parsons (MGT), Qu (ME) Sanders (MSE)


VISITORS: Rahnema (ME/NRE), Thursby (MGT), Wang (ME), Whiteman (ME), Winer (ME)



1.                                           A motion was made to approve the minutes of the May 13, June 12 and July 21, 2003 meetings.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


2.                                           The following officers were elected by acclamation:

Chair   Bill Green

Vice-chair Tom Sanders

Sanders will continue as the Committee representative to the Studies Abroad Committee.


3.       The program at Georgia Tech Lorraine requested the approval of the following courses.  These courses are used as placeholder courses to reflect a student’s enrollment at partner institutions.  A motion was made to approve the courses.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.

New Courses

GTL 6110   GTL –University of Brescia (12-0-12), Audit only

GTL 6100   GTL and University of Brescia   1-11 hours, Audit only

GTL 6019   GTL –Technical University Munich   (12-0-12), Audit only

GTL 6009   GTL and University of Munich 1-11 hours, Audit only

GTL 6018   GTL –Universite Technologique de Compiegne  (12-0-12), Audit Only

GTL 6008   GTL and  Universite Technologique de Compiegne  1-22 hours, Audit


4.       The DUPREE COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT requested the following new course.  After discussion, a motion was made to approve the course with a modification to the title.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.

New Course

MGT 7064  Microeconomic Theory for Management  (3-0-3) 


5.       The SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING requested a new Master of Science degree program in Medical Physics.  This request would include the creation of a new course designator (MP – Medical Physics) and the following new courses.  Students will take two courses at Emory through the ARCHE program and will also do the clinical experience at Emory.  This is not a joint degree with Emory.  There will be a thesis and non-thesis option.  After discussion a motion was made to approve the request.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.

New Courses

MP 6101  Nuclear Medicine Physics   (3-0-3)

MP 6201 Radiation Therapy Physics  (3-0-3)

MP 6405 Radiation Protection and Dosimetry (3-0-3)

MP 6407 Radiation Biology and Oncology (3-0-3)

MP 8101 Clinical Internship in Nuclear Medicine, 1 hour

MP 8102 Clinical Internship in Diagnostic Imaging, 1 hour

MP 8103 Clinical internship in Radiation Therapy, 1 hour

MP 7000 Master’s Thesis   TBA

MP 8801-2-3-4-5-6 Special Topics in Medical Physics  Credit hours equal last digit in course number

MP 8901-2-3-4-5-6  Special Problems in Medical Physics TBA


6.       There was a brief discussion concerning advisor and dissertation committees for the joint programs.  It was decided to wait until Maureen Kilroy was present to finish the discussion and vote on any changes that might be needed.






M. Jo McIver