Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2006, 9:00 – 10:30 AM, OHR


Present: Bettina Cothran, Bill Ballard, Chuck Donbaugh, Blair Funderburk, John Grovenstein, Michael Chang, and Michael Elliott


Minutes from the 1/26/2006 Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business

·        Faculty Development Program.

o       The Committee approved the motion to remand the topic of a professional leave policy back to the General Faculty / Academic Senate for consideration of creating an ad-hoc committee. Chang will draft a summary report that gathers all information and discussion collected or conducted by the Benefits Committee over the last three years.

·        Postdoc eligibility for ORP vs. TRS

o       Donbaugh confirmed that postdocs at UGA and GSU are allowed to be in the ORP and are part of the general faculty. He will broach the topic with the Provost and report back to the Committee.

o       Discussion continued to focus on possible objections by faculty for making postdocs part of the general faculty (i.e. professional general faculty).

o       There are currently 204 postdocs at Tech compared with 1074 instructional faculty, 985 research faculty, and 292 general faculty.

New Business

·        MetLife Voluntary Benefits

o       Discussion was deferred until the MetLife Group gives a presentation to OHR on Wednesday, March 8 @ 8:00 a.m.

·        Vacation and Sick Leave

o       A question was raised regarding how vacation and sick leave may be transferred with an employee when that employee changes from one position in the Institute or at GTRI to another position in the Institute or at GTRI. It was explained that GTRI is different from the academic units. GTRI funds a “leave pool” and as such, leave can easily carry over from one position in GTRI to another even as the project accounts may change. For the soft money positions in the academic units, vacation leave should be utilized within the contract period (sick leave, however, can move with the employee and does not expire even at the end of a contract).

o       A related question was asked about Tech implementing a “donated sick leave” program. This has not been done because it cannot be determined how such a program would be funded. Where this is in place (e.g. UGA), the accountants are not transferring money from one budget to another. In effect what they are doing is simply electing to keep an employee on the payroll past the date at which all vacation and sick leave have been exhausted. To do it right would be an “accounting nightmare.”

Next Meeting

·        March 30, 9:00 AM, OHR Conference Room