Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2006, 10:30 – 12:00 PM


Present: Lee Sheiner, Dale Atkins, Leanne West, Chuck Donbaugh, John Grovenstein, and Michael Chang


Minutes from the 11/15/2006 Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business

·        Postdoc eligibility for ORP vs. TRS

o       Donbaugh reported that he discussed the recommendation with the bylaws committee and noted that while most of the committee was agreeable, there were some concerns (offered without elaboration – but more focused on the related issue of GTAA personnel and their eligibility for ORP). Another meeting has been scheduled for further discussions which will include the President’s office. Donbaugh is confident that this proposal will be implemented this Academic Year via by amending the bylaws, or by simple authority of OHR to define positions included in the academic professional class.

·        Maternity and Family matters

o       West spoke with Mary Brown of Brown-Richards Consulting, a family wellness consultant. Brown agreed to compile a list of maternity benefits elsewhere. When done, West will provide this to Donbaugh and Grovenstein for further discussion.

o       Space in the 10th & Home complex has become available that could be used for a 100-child  childcare center (this would supplement the current R. Kirk Landon Learning Center). A survey of primarily graduate students has been completed indicating need. Additionally, the Provost would like to “buy” 5 spots to use as a recruiting tool (i.e. recipient would be guaranteed a slot, but would have to pay regular fees). Donbaugh is considering asking that $1.5 million be raised through the Capital Campaign to build-out the space.

·        Report on Open Enrollment

o       Grovenstein reported that open enrollment was relatively calm as there were few changes in benefit offerings.

·        Benefits for faculty deployed or traveling internationally (discussion tabled)  

New Business

·        Grovenstein reported that OHR will roll out the Roth 403b this Spring (2007)

Next Meeting

·        TBD pending Spring semester schedules.