Faculty Status and Grievance Committee

Annual Report

August, 1999 - July, 2000


The members of the Committee were John Muzzy, co-Chair, Prateen desai, co-Chair, Margaret Horst, Secretary, Gunter Meyer, Jay Telotte, Charles Ume and Erik Verriest. There were co-Chairs because both John Muzzy and Prateen Desai had extended periods in France.

The Committee met four times during the year. Minutes for these meetings are attached. Five informal grievance cases were completed by the Committee. Two formal grievances were initiated and later withdrawn. Letters were written to faculty who had been denied tenure to ask whether they wanted to file a grievance.

The Committee also examined the Alternative Dispute Resolution process. A report on this subject is attached. This report will be sent to the President.

The Committee also examined the process for obtaining faculty status. This issue arose because the faculty status of some previous grievants was not clear. Next year's Committee will continue this examination.

The Chair for next year is Gunter Meyer. The Secretary is Margaret Horst.

Respectfully submitted,


John Muzzy, co-Chair