Faculty Honors Committee


September 25, 2001



Members Present: Carol Colatrella (IAC), Richard LeBlanc (CoC), Jack Marr (PSYCH), Paul Steffes (ECE), and Linda Thomas-Mobley (ARCH).


Members Absent: a student representative yet to be named



1.   Discussion centered on finalizing the 2002 Call for Nominations.  In addition to agreeing on revisions to clarify guidelines and to correct award titles and amounts, committee members approved changing the requirement for teaching awards to read "six semester hours" instead of six-quarter hours.


2.   The committee also considered how to publicize the call, agreeing to send it to the Executive Board, The Whistle, Deans and Directors, and the Alumni Association.  The call will also be posted on an LCC website, and The Technique will also be asked to print it or a short notice indicating the LCC URL for the complete call.


3.   The meeting ended after members reviewed the annual timeline of remaining committee tasks: collecting nominations in February, shortly thereafter reviewing them and deciding on award winners, sending the names to the April luncheon program committee, and awarding the honors in April.



Respectfully submitted,



Carol Colatrella