Faculty Status and Grievance Committee (FSGC)

 Annual Report: †2010-2011 Academic Year

Members: David Anderson (ECE), †Carol Colatrella (LCC), Cheryl Leggon (PubP), John McIntyre (CoM), G. Paul Neitzel (ME), R. Gary Parker (ISyE), Marion Usselman (CEISMC), Leanne West (GTRI)

Matters addressed by the FSGC in academic year 2010-2011 included the continuation of one dismissal case from the 2009-2010 academic year, two additional dismissal cases, and one grievance.    The grievant in the dismissal case that was carried over requested and received a Formal Hearing under Section 14.3 of the Faculty Handbook.† Grievants in the other two dismissal cases also requested Formal Hearings following Informal Investigations, but one of these was cancelled due to a settlement reached between the grievant and Institute; the second grievant received a Formal Hearing.† In both of the cases that went to Formal Hearings, the respective panels concluded that the Administrationís action was in accordance with Institute policy.† In the case of the last grievance, an Informal Investigation was conducted, but the grievant did not request a Formal Hearing following receipt of the report from the FSGC.† All of the aforementioned grievances were filed by members of the General Faculty.† There are no current actions pending before the FSGC.  G. Paul Neitzel served as Chair of the Committee.