Faculty Status and Grievance Committee Annual Report, 2007-08


Chair: Carol Colatrella (LCC)


Members: Roberta Berry (Pub Policy), John Dorsey (ECE), John McIntyre (CoM), Gary Parker (ISYE), Dana Randall (CoC), Marion Usselman (CEISMC)


The Faculty Status and Grievance Committee (FSGC) met monthly throughout the academic year 2007-08 to consider grievance cases initiated by faculty (2) and dismissals of faculty members sent to us by administrators (3). The FSGC undertook internal investigation in one grievance, reporting its recommendations to the President. At the request of the grievant in the other case, the FSGC chair appointed a member to oversee a formal hearing. The three dismissals were reviewed in a timely fashion.


The large number of grievances related to promotion and tenure considered by the FSGC in 2006-07 presented an obstacle to efficient operations of that committee and delayed consideration of three of the above cases, which were eventually considered by the 2007-08 committee.


To prevent such problems in the future and to ensure equity in promotion and tenure evaluation, in spring 2008 the FSGC reviewed procedures regarding evaluation of promotion and tenure implemented in the colleges and made recommendations upholding previous published guidelines to Anderson Smith, Senior Vice Provost.


The FSGC also worked with the Task Force on FSGC, Legal Affairs, the Statutes Committee, and the Executive Board to propose new wording clarifying information about FSGC and its procedures in the Faculty Handbook. Section 14 was expanded to meet this goal and approved by the Senate and General Faculty Assembly in April 2008.