DATE: October 16, 2007

TO: The General Faculty Assembly

FROM: Mr. Tony Wasilewski, Outgoing Chair, Faculty Status and Grievance Committee

SUBJECT: Report of the Activities of the Faculty Status & Grievance Committee for the 2006-2007 Year

The Faculty Status & Grievance Committee (FSGC) began the year with 8 open cases from the previous term. One of these cases was later withdrawn by the grievant. An additional case was accepted early in the fall semester, and another was accepted for investigation in the spring semester. The FSGC also declined to investigate a grievance submitted in the spring semester. The committee handled seven of these cases via informal investigation, and one case was handled via informal hearing. One case investigation is continuing to the fall semester. Additionally, the FSGC accepted a request for a Formal Hearing, and hearing panel selection was completed during the summer semester.


The FSGC had difficulty handling the large case load this year, and initial steps were taken to improve FSGC procedures and reduce case resolution times. Administrative support has been offered to the FSGC by Faculty Career Development Services (FCDS), and the team of Monique Tavares, Reid Tankersley, and Donna Redmon.  The FSGC can now use their support in scheduling meetings, coordinating case paperwork and distribution, arranging interviews, and formatting official documents generated in grievance resolutions. Also, FSGC meetings have been scheduled on a monthly basis to improve attendance. Finally, it has been made clear to the members of this committee that we provide an important service to the faculty, and require availability to aid in conducting interviews and writing reports.


At the September 2007 meeting of the FSGC, the Committee welcomed its new members Dr. Carol Colatrella (Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts), Dr. Dana Randall (College of Computing), and Dr. John McIntyre (College of Management). Two continuing members resigned from the FSGC for the upcoming year due to conflicts, and replacements have been found. An investigative team was assigned to the remaining open case from the previous term. Carol Colatrella was elected as Chair for 2007-2008, and Marion Usselman was elected as Secretary.

I would like to thank Jack Feldman, Calton Pu, Marion Usselman, Agit Yoganathan, Wayne Book, and John Dorsey for their services in 2006-07.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tony Wasilewski

2006-2007 Chair, FSGC