DATE: August 15, 2004

TO: The General Faculty Assembly

FROM: Prof. I. Charles Ume, Chair FSGC

SUBJECT: Report of the Activities of the Faculty Status &

Grievance Committee for the 2003-2004 Year


The Faculty Status & Grievance Committee (FSGC) began the year with five open cases from the previous year. In addition, three new cases were filed, making a total of eight cases considered by the FSGC during the year. The Committee completed and made recommendations to the President on seven of these eight cases. The Committee discussed the eighth case, but did not find any merit to accept it for an informal investigation.


Two potential grievances were not filed after the two individuals met and had discussions with the Chair of the FSGC for several hours. In addition to the above case work, the Committee met with Emeritus Professor Ed Thomas to become more familiar with the alternative dispute resolution process.


At its meeting on August 13, 2004, the Committee welcomed its one new member, Ms. Valerie Lafond-Favieres of GTRI. Dr. Gisele Welch (GTRI) was elected as Chair for 2004-2005, and Professor Jack Feldman (PSYCH) was re-elected as Secretary.


I would like to thank Gisele Welch, Jack Feldman, Mike Rodgers, Tony Wasilewski, Heidi Rockwood, and Erick Verriest for their services in 2003-04.



Respectfully Submitted,





I. Charles Ume

2003-2004 Chair, FSGC