Georgia Institute of Technology




Meeting Minutes


Nov 17, 2014

12:00 n to 1:00 pm

Clough Commons, room 445


Present: Sonit Bafna, Tanah Barchichat, Amy D’Unger, Cliff Eckert, Mandi Johnson, Sara Palagyi, and Susan Parham

Absent: Kristen Butler, Denise Johnson-Marshall, and Myrtle Turner


1.       Approval of October meeting minutes



2.       Presentation by Lori Critz on Brightspot report for the library renovation project


Note: this is an on-going project – plans subject to change


·         Library Services Center (LSC) – joint project with Emory to provide services & high-density storage for collections. 95% of GT print collection will move off campus – much of our collection (journals) is already provided electronically, not in print form. Plan fast turn around time for document delivery. Colleges will have core print collection in library stacks on campus

·         Library Renewal Project – in addition to the LSC, library is planning building renovation and new services for the renovated space. Hired consultants from Brightspot to help plan future services. This phase of the review is complete. Focus in on services, staffing & space. Moving toward self-help environment that is user directed

·         Library Renovations – one building renovated at a time – Crosland Tower first. Employees moved out of the library except for those supporting the core services desk; two-year renovation, then close Price Gilbert for renovation. Most library staff will be out of the buildings for four years

·         Building Concept Areas:

o   Virtual browsing environment – digital service for browsing collections, regardless of physical location

o   Reading rooms – 3 reading rooms in west commons, 5th floor & 7th floor

o   Innovation & ideation studio – maker space for building models, etc.

o   Digital media & scholarship – not a self-help area, will include visualization lab, recording studio, 3D printing, retrocomputing, teaching studio

o   Showcasing scholarship & research – will have exhibits for faculty & student work in a number of areas 

o   Scholar’s event network – space for dissertation defense, presentation of scholarship & research, pre-event function area, speaker series, breakout rooms, digital access & preservation of presentations in SMARTech digital repository

o   Faculty research zone – faculty only, not a lounge (no food service here) but comfortable space, no stationary computers, faculty can keep books and other materials here

o   Graduate student commons – quiet meeting zone, working with graduate advisory board, need to work out space security

o   Collections remaining in building

1.       Each college will have a core collection in the library (about 25,000 volumes)

2.       Reserves & interlibrary loan

3.       Popular reading areas (including sci-fi)

o   Library “store” – central location with roaming staff, pick up of delivered print materials, obtain expert consultation, review student & faculty scholarship, near food service & student

lounge & expert consultation


o   Discussion: what about research faculty? Reviewing the idea of “research navigators” to help researchers through the research admin process, including agency compliance, IRB, finding spaces & equipment. Library will keep DTIC room for secure literature searches. GTRI doesn’t know about library resources. Planning a brown bag at GTRI about services.


Meeting adjourned.