Georgia Institute of Technology


Meeting Minutes


Oct 20, 2014

12:00 n to 1:00 pm

Clough Commons, room 445


Present: Sonit Bafna, Amy D’Unger, Mandi Johnson, Denise Johnson-Marshall, Sara Palagyi and Susan Parham

Absent: Kristen Butler, Tanah Barchichat, Cliff Eckert, and Myrtle Turner


1.       Approval of September meeting minutes


Approved with one minor change


2.       Update on annual report to the general faculty on Oct 21

Sonit will present last year’s annual report to Faculty Senate on Tuesday, Oct. 21

Main points:

·         No action items to present this year

·         Two reviews of campus wide-initiatives: Campus IT masterplan draft, and library renewal project

·         Three ongoing projects/discussions: Review of academic services provided outside the campus, discussion on accessibility policy for IT services, and support for open-access policy implementation



3.       Open access implementation committee—discussion on further involvement

·         Help deliver the OA & Copyright Roadshow (under development)

·         Serve as advisory group for GT OA website (under development)

·         Suggestion – highlight OA scholarly materials (SMARTech & beyond) on site


4.       Survey to discover concerns and other issues on academic services across the campus—possible procedures

·         Before put together a survey, review materials already available, such as

                                                   i.      Climate Assessment Survey Report -

                                                 ii.      Faculty focus group data from Library Renewal (Susan)

                                                iii.      CETL data on faculty needs (Susan)

                                               iv.      Coordinate with list of needs for research faculty (Kristen & Tannah)

·         Speak with Associate Deans to see if survey could be shared in their meeting (Amy)

5.       Update on ongoing projects and agenda items for next meeting

·         Lori Critz will attend Nov 17 meeting for a Library Renewal update

·         Technology support for teaching faculty (Sara) – Proposal was shared with CoS, with mixed reception

·         Supporting research faculty (Kristen & Tannah) – No update


Action Items


Contact Donna L re: faculty focus group data


Contact Bruce H re: faculty focus group data


Share tech teaching assistant proposal


Contact ADs regarding faculty survey


Review Climate assessment survey report