Georgia Institute of Technology



Meeting Minutes


Sept 15, 2014

12:00 n to 1:00 pm

Clough Commons, room 445


Members present: Tanah Barchichat, Kristin Butler, Denise Johnson-Marshall, Susan Parham, Mandi Johnson, Sara Palagyi, and Sonit Bafna

Members absent: Myrtle Turner, Amy D’Unger, and Cliff Eckert


1.       Introduction of new members elected to the FSC for 2104-15

2.       Election of chair and secretary

·         Chair – Sonit Bafna; Secretary – Susan Parham

3.       Election of FSC liaison / representative to Faculty Open Access Policy Implementation Committee

·         Discussion about open access and the GT Open Access Policy

·         Membership on the implementation committee is specified in the OA Policy

·         Susan Parham will represent the library; Sonit Bafna will represent the Faculty Services Committee

·         Heinrich Matzinger and Robert Pikowsky will represent Library Faculty Advisory Board (LFAB)

·         Still need representative from GTRC


4.       Discussion of the agenda for the coming year

·         Library Renewal Project
Susan Parham will invite one of the project leaders to discuss with the committee in Oct or Nov

·         Review Office of Professional Education activities

·         Technology support for teaching faculty
Sara Palagyi (SGA) reported on work regarding student/faculty relations and obtaining technical support for faculty using flipped classrooms, including a new IT teaching assistant position; faculty need a place to test out technology rich teaching tools

·         Supporting research faculty
With the reorganization of the faculty senate, the Academic Services Committee is now the Faculty Services Committee – focus shifts for services to all faculty
Kristen Butler & Tanah
Barchichat will compile a list of needs and concerns of research faculty about academic services available to them or desired, possibly by December. A few discussed in the meeting include:

o   Library services – promoting to GTRI; website is confusing and resources overwhelming – how search databases? Librarians should come to GTRI and teach how to use databases

o   Technology services – when creating a center, how do I create a website; set up online training; get new sponsors?

·         Survey colleges and centers to discover faculty issues
Review Georgia Tech Climate Assessment Survey Report -