Georgia Institute of Technology



Meeting Agenda


March 23, 2015

12:00 n to 1:00 pm

Lib-Kais Room 521


Present: Sonit Bafna, Tanah Barchichat, Cliff Eckert, Mandi Johnson, Denise Johnson-Marshall, and Susan Parham 

Absent: Kristen Butler, Amy D’Unger, and Myrtle Turner


1.       Approval of previous meeting minutes

November, January, and February minutes approved


2.       GTRI/Library Update

On February 23, Bette Finn (Library) held a Library Brown Bag at GTRI. 10 engineers attended, with a wide mix of specialties. More people are interested – suggestions to host a similar brown bag 2x/year – spring & fall semesters


3.       Preparation for survey of academic services across campus

Team determined that the survey was too complex; instead, we will review faculty services as they are organized and promoted on the GT website

4.       Adjourn