Georgia Institute of Technology



Meeting Agenda


Jan 26, 2015

12:00 n to 1:00 pm

Clough Commons, room 248


Present: Sonit Bafna, Tanah Barchichat, Amy D’Unger, Cliff Eckert, Mandi Johnson, Denise Johnson-Marshall, and Susan Parham 

Absent: Kristen Butler, Sara Palagyi and Myrtle Turner


1.       Approval of November meeting minutes

Approval of minutes postponed


2.       Presentation about GTScholar by Marlee Givens (Library), Kathy Tomajko (Library), Todd Phillips (GTRI), and Raj Vuchatu (GTRI)


Presentation on GTScholar:  institute wide system that allows GT faculty and researchers to maintain information related to their scholarly and research activities through a central web portal.


·         Designed to save time and reduce the administrative burden by creating an online profile with grant and teaching information pre-loaded

·         Provides up-to-date info on faculty/researcher publications, books, journals, and other scholarly activity.

·         Can be used to generate annual activity reports and CVs, and feeds content updates to faculty or departmental websites

·         Aids in capturing and preserving publication data in the campus institutional repository, SMARTech, which will help faculty comply with the  GT open access policy and federal requirements for the sharing of research results

·         Facilitates collaborative research and networking opportunities.

·         Provides access to the valuable information needed by Georgia Tech’s communications professionals so they can effectively identify Georgia Tech experts in specific research domains and promote their work

·         The Library is working closely with BME and ECE to use GTScholar for annual activity reporting. Computer Science is also using it for that purpose, but the Library hasn't worked with them to develop reports as with BME and ECE.

·         Library team worked with Susan Cozzens and her office to develop a report based on the Institute Standard Resume template that she and her task force have created.

3.       Report on Dec 9 meeting with the Faculty Services Institute Committee
Attended by Sonit Bafna, Amy D'Unger, Cliff Eckert & Helena Mitchell


·         Bob KIrkman and Martha Grover of the Faculty Executive Committee solicited information about scope of work of the committee; the discussion was open-ended and no actionable items were proposed; there was a minor editing of the description of the committee as it appears in the faculty handbook.

4.       Adjourn