Georgia Tech Faculty Honors Committee

Annual Report for 2012-2013

Prepared by Joel Sokol, Committee Chair



The Faculty Honors Committee’s responsibilities are to solicit nominations for and select winners of nine Institute-wide awards.  Nominations were due at the end of January, 2013, and the committee met in early February to review the nominations and select the winners.  The results of the committee’s deliberations were:


·         Class of 1934 Distinguished Professor Award: John Cressler (Electrical and Computer Engineering) [NOTE: As specified by the rules of this award, the Committee selected two finalists, from whom the President and Provost selected the winner.]


·         Class of 1934 Outstanding Innovative Use of Education Technology Award: Thad Starner (Interactive Computing), Craig Forest (Mechanical Engineering), and Clint Zeagler (Industrial Design) [NOTE: this was a joint nomination, not a tie]


·         Class of 1934 Outstanding Interdisciplinary Activities Award: Ayanna Howard (Electrical and Computer Engineering)


·         Class of 1940 W. Howard Ector Outstanding Teacher Award: Kelly Comfort (Modern Languages)


·         Class of 1940 W. Roane Beard Outstanding Teacher Award: Craig Forest (Mechanical Engineering)


·         Junior Faculty Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award: (tie)  Michelle Dawson (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), Raquel Lieberman (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


·         Outstanding Professional Education Award: Carlee Bishop (Georgia Tech Research Institute)


·         Outstanding Service Award: Dana Randall (Computer Science)


·         Senior Faculty Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award: Kimberly E. Kurtis (Civil and Environmental Engineering)