Academic Integrity Committee

February 12, 2004 Minutes


Present: Thomas Morley (Faculty Member), Magnus Egerstedt (Faculty Member), Russ Callen (Faculty Member), Adam Bernstein (Undergraduate Representative), John Dean (Honor Advisor Council HAC Chair), Wes Angel (Visitor HAC), and Karen Boyd (Senior Associate Dean of Students)


Absent: Cheryl Contant (Faculty Member and Honor Committee Chairperson), Graduate Representative


Meeting called to order at 2:05


I                      Minutes for November 21, 2003 approved.

II                   The Axioms/Guidelines need rewording. The committee decided to devote the bulk of the next meeting to finalizing the Axioms.

III                 Educate Faculty and Students about the process and the changes, especially what will happen if the allegations are not reported.

a         Be precise and not tell the entire process

b        Educate student and faculty member about how to approach the hearing.

c         Develop a handout with list of questions for faculty to assist them in deciding where to send the case. Include Pros and Cons for each option. Attach sanctioning model.

d        Create a team presentation, which include a role play of each option for meetings of Associate Deans, Advisors, Departments, Tutors, and TAs.


Next Meeting

        February 26, 2004 217 Student Services Building

        Finalize Sanctions