Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2008, 9:30 – 11:00 AM


Present:   Bettina Cothran, Blair Funderburk, Clint Demetriou, Matthew McDowell, Barry Sharp, Teresa Snow

Absent:   Chuck Donbaugh, Barbara Henry, Linda Mitchell, Lee Sheiner


·         Meeting minutes from 1/22/08 were reviewed and approved.

Old Business

·      Bettina Cothran—Update on status of new childcare facility

o   Yvette Upton, Director of the Women's Resource Center, recently led a graduate student forum and they were very concerned about childcare issue.  Bettina Cothran suggested speaking to students and inviting Provost to attend meeting. 

o   Chuck Donbaugh is speaking to Horizon to try to work out solution.

o   Currently, funds for new facility have been put on hold until new fiscal year.

o   Bettina Cothran stated that maternity benefits at other universities typically offer reduced childcare.

·         Clint Demetriou—update on total compensation study.

o   Meeting with steering committee this Thursday

o   Currently all active vendors have been contacted for input—5 have responded

o   Goal is to get input as to how we should position 403B.

o   Barry Sharp inquired as to who didn’t respond.

o   Clint commented that American Funds had not responded—however, they may be getting out of the 403B’s since they were put on the inactive list in the Fall of ‘07.

o   Action Item –Clint Demetriou will present preliminary results of compensation study.

·         Long Term Health Insurance Update

o   Clint Demetriou stated that recommendations will depend in part on compensation study

o   Bettina Cothran commented that long term health insurance would be more of a service on the part of Georgia Tech.  Costs would be primarily administrative.

o   Barry Sharp inquired as to where Georgia State University stands with respect to long term health insurance.

o   Blair Funderburk stated that program had been implemented and the GSU was continuing to enroll particpants.

o   Barry Sharp asked about whether it was at a discounted rate.

o   Blair Funderburk stated that rate might be discounted 10-12%, but that enrollment for the employee was guaranteed (typically spouse may have to go through medical evaluation). So underwriting is probably more important.

o   Clint Demetriou asked if you can carry policy with you if you leave, which Blair Funderburk affirmed. You can continue policy without rate increase.

o   Barry Sharp stated that a number of people had asked him questions about long term health insurance.                                                                                                                                 

             Changes in  Health Care  Insurance

o   Bettina Cothran stated that there is a need for information sessions especially with regard to the new high deductible health insurance plan.

o   Clint Demetriou stated that as of the present, the Board of Reagents had gone out on bid for healthcare insurance and that the landscape may change.

o   Action Item –(April 22nd ) committee will get update from John Grovenstein on health insurance status

New Business

·         Currently recruiting new faculty for committee to replace Dale Atkins who has retired


Next Meetings


·         Tuesday, April 1 – Procurement Office Admin. Conference Room

·         Tuesday, April 22 – OHR Conference Room