Faculty Benefits Committee

Minutes of the Meeting September 29th


Present:  Wayne Book, Bettina Cothran, Clint Demetriou, Chuck Donbaugh, Blair Funderburk, Barbara Henry; Barry Sharp, Lee Montana

Absent: Sharon Ray; Teresa Snow;


1. Approval of minutes of September 3rd meeting;


2. Update on the 403(b) changes:  information events are taking place as scheduled. Both representatives of TIAA-CREF and Fidelity, as well as Sharon Ray have held  various meetings. 


3. Information on Benefit Updates: information letters on changes were sent out to all employees, especially the changes in the health plans.  Clint Demetriou introduced a draft letter to go out to all retirees and survivors.


4. The Open Enrollment period will take place October 6 – November 7th, 2008.


5. An inquiry of a GT employee was discussed relative to a possible one-time change of retirement systems.  This seems to be possibly in Florida, but is not in Georgia.


6. The question of parking was raised again. It was decided to invite the Director of transportation to the upcoming meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 10:50.