Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

August 28, 2007, 10:00 11:30 AM


Present: Chuck Donbaugh, John Grovenstein, Blair Funderburk, Bettina Cothran, Teresa Snow, Barry Sharp, Lee Sheiner, Matthew McDowell, Clint Demetriou


The committee was joined by the new Senior Director of Total Compensation, Clint Demetriou.

Bettina Cothran was elected as committee chair.

Minutes from the 4/26/07 Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved.

The 2006 2007 Annual Report was reviewed and approved.

Lee Sheiner was named Secretary for the purposes of taking minutes at the committee meetings.

The Charge of the Committee (Section 5.6.1 of the Faculty Handbook) was reviewed. It was agreed that there was no need to review the insurance package during this academic year as this was done about two years ago and needs to be repeated on a five year cycle.


New Business

The Agenda for the 2007 2008 AY was discussed:

        Globalization including compensation and benefits

o       Chuck Donbaugh explained that in the past, all GT employees were offered the same benefits, regardless of where they worked. Now that Georgia Tech has operations in South Korea, France, Ireland, and is investigating beginning operations in India, Dubai, Singapore, and China, it is important to reconsider the benefits package as it relates to these ex-patriot employees. Chuck plans to attend a meeting on August 30 to address this topic and will brief the committee at the next meeting.

        Salary evaluation of hourly employees

o       Chuck Donbaugh reported that there is an RFP in the works to identify a consultant to evaluate the philosophy and structure of our compensation package for hourly employees.

o       It is likely that the committee will be solicited for assistance in this evaluation.

        There is pending legislation that will allow all faculty and regular classified employees the opportunity to choose between ORP and TRS. Currently, only faculty members are entitled to this choice. If this legislation passes, we may need to consider re-classifying the GTAA employees (coaches and other professionals) who were granted Faculty status last year.


o       Childcare is a hot-button topic for many employees. Georgia Tech currently has 70% of the 120 slots available at the Home Park Bright Horizons, but there is a very long waiting list for students and faculty at this center. There are plans for opening a second child care center at 10th and Home with space for 100 children, but we need to raise $1.3M in order to open the center. Chuck has put the cost of opening the center into his budget, but that has not been approved.

o       Action Item Bettina will draft a letter to the President/Provost stating that the Faculty Benefits Committee has the childcare issue on its agenda as carryover from last year, and point out that this continues to be a pressing issue for the Committee. This letter will be reviewed by the Committee at the next meeting.

        Personal and Retirement Benefits

o       There is legislation pending that will change the rules and regulations of retirement benefits. John and Clint will report back to the committee at the next meeting with the status of these legislative changes

        Long Term Care

o       GSU has open enrollment this fall and is providing the option for Long Term Care for the first time. 15% participation is required by state law for payroll deductions. The committee believes this is an important benefit to offer, but is concerned that the 15% threshold will be hard to reach. By November, there should be some data back from GSU as to whether they were able to reach the 15% participation threshold.

o       Action Item John Grovenstein/Blair Funderburk will get copies of the mailing literature that was sent out to GSU employees for open enrollment to share with this committee.

        Maternity Benefits

o       The committee agreed that maternity benefits should be analyzed within the context of related benefits, including child care, tenure clock and flexible scheduling. Consideration could be given to a leave for specific purposes available to various members of the faculty for various purposes. This is an agenda item that should be pursued by the committee.


Next Meeting

        For the Fall Semester, meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday of the month 9:30 11:00. The next meeting will be September 25, 2007.