Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2009, 3:30 – 5:00 PM


Present:   Bettina Cothran (chair), Wayne Book, Blair Funderburk, Barbara Henry, Sharon Ray, Barry Sharp, Teresa Snow, Joel Hercik (guest), Marita Sullivan (guest).

Absent:   Clint Demetriou, Chuck Donbaugh, Lee Montaña.


Minutes from the 3/4/09 Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved.


Old Business

Donated Sick Leave—Joel Hercik (Financial Services, AVP)

There was discussion on challenges surrounding donated sick leave, such as cost to the institute and accurate sick leave reporting. Presently, there are also differences in recording of charges between GTRI  and the institute .

If such a policy were to be established, for 2010 at the earliest, issues including funding needs as well as administration would have to be addressed.

Other points the committee felt should be considered included:

How are such programs publicized? 

What happens if the pool is exhausted?

Can there be pool for designated recipients as well as a common pool?


Action Item—Joel Hercik will check with other institutions and see how program funds are handled.  Further updates from subcommittee will be provided at next meeting.


Sharon Ray—Update on TIAA-CREF Project

Survey had 34% participation rate, which is considered a favorable response.

There will be a final presentation of the results in two weeks.  Intent is to invite members of the Faculty Benefits Committee.


Action Item—Further updates at May 5th meeting


Marita Sullivan (OHR Research & Planning)—Update on “Great Colleges to Work”

Chronicle survey has gone out to 600 Faculty, Professional Staff and Administrators at GT.  The survey closes on the 24th and results will be published in the summer. 

Action Item—Further updates at May 5th meeting



New Business

Discussion regarding conversion from OPR to TRS

Lee Montana’s query regarding a possible one-time-switch from ORP to TRS within the University System of Georgia was discussed. The committee learned that the state legislature has  tabled discussion on this issue at this point.

The committee will continue to monitor the situation.


Schedule of Upcoming Meetings

                        Tuesday May 5 at 9:30 -- OHR Conference Rm (220)