Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

April 1, 2008, 9:30 – 11:00 AM


Present:   Bettina Cothran, Chuck Donbaugh, Blair Funderburk, Lee Montana, Teresa Snow, Barry Sharp, Clint Demetriou,

Absent:   Barbara Henry, Matthew McDowell, Linda Mitchell


Minutes from the 2/19/08 Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved.

Update from Chuck Donbaugh on childcare issue:

o   Since previous update, we’ve met with representatives from student parent group–explained existing parameters.  

o   That group also met with VP Gary Schuster & head of Women’s Resource Center

o   Provost has said that if we can arrive at a reasonable budget, they will raise the money.

o   Currently in the process of assessing how we can break even.  GT has 80% of the slots at Home Park facility.  The use of this facility costs GT approximately 50-80K per year for management fee.

o   Second child care center at 10th and Home must be sustainable and should meet current demands.  Currently we are working on the design aspect and looking at programs. Infants will be the highest to maintain.  After school programs will raise more money.  GT must use space creatively to meet a variety of objectives.

o   Goal is to complete center by 2009 fiscal year.

o   Kris Klaus is opening facility in Atlantic Station.  There may be opportunities to partner with them also which could help with student parents and those on GT waiting list.  They might be open to provide exchange of services for student workers.

o   Lee Montana commented that drop off facility might help with student need (e.g. Stay & Play facility)

o   Teresa Snow also mentioned that drop-in emergency service for faculty who normally have childcare but due to extenuating circumstances need temporary assistance would be beneficial

o   Chuck Donbaugh stated that it could be useful if we could accommodate.

o   Action Item—Further update on April 22.


Update from Clint Demetriou on 403B:

o   Currently five active vendors.  Have met with Fidelity, TIA-CREF, and AIG-VALIC  to get input from them with respect to what they could offer.  Following those discussions, we met with the consultants and are going back to the committee at the end of the week with recommendations.

o   With respect to timeline, Clint stated that we need to push for decision over the next couple of weeks & move forward with plan.  There is a lot to do before Jan 1, 2009.

o   Barry Sharp asked how HR chose the three vendors.

o   Clint Demetriou stated that each vendor had been probed with specific questions and based on those responses had been ranked. The committee concurred with the rankings.

o   Barry Sharp asked if Clint had a sense of whether there will be 2 or 3 vendors.

o   Clint Dementriou stated that it could be 2 or 3 with administrative oversight or a single vendor. 

o   Discussion ensued with regard to a possible oversight plan, periodic evaluations and cost vs. benefits for the respective options (one vs. multiple vendors). Also, the question was discussed what would happen to current contributions with another vendor.

o   Action Item—Further update on April 22.


Optional Insurance

o   Chuck Donbaugh stated that there is a product online that will give you discounts on other insurance options.

o    Action Item—Clint Demetriou will look into this and let committee know more about it.

o   Clint Demetriou stated that right now, some of these areas are a resource issue & based on results of total compensation study we can evaluate a variety of programs.

o   Chuck Donbaugh stated that all of these benefits fit into work/life balance at GT and ultimately contribute to retention.

o   Committee will table item for now, but keep it on further agenda.


 New Business

o   Lee Montana brought up point that a lot of life events occur outside of open enrollment and that an information website might help with a list of things to consider

o   Barry Sharp agreed. He also mentioned that people experienced with certain situations could serve as mentors or  mediators to employees in need of help

o   Bettina Cothran stated that this sounds like 2 resources that are needed (1) Person at OHR to go to for help with these issues and (2) database resource online with suggestions.

o   Chuck Donbaugh stated that some of this was already in the works.  As part of restructuring, the 1st floor of OHR will be turned into a customer service area that will provide help to people.

o   Chuck and Clint stated that some information was already online, but may need to be streamlined.


Next Meeting

·         Tuesday, April 22 – OHR Conference Room