Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2008, 9:30 – 11:00 AM


Present:   Bettina Cothran, Chuck Donbaugh, Blair Funderburk, Barbara Henry, Lee Montana, Teresa Snow, Barry Sharp, Sharon Ray & Brian Tyson (New Student Representative)

Absent:   Clint Demetriou, Wayne Book


Minutes from the 10/29/08 Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved.


Old Business:

Update on TRS Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for retirees

TRS board of trustees voted Nov 19, 2008 to reject proposed rewording of TRS COLA that would make cost of living increases optional rather than mandatory.  For the present, COLAs for retirees will remain at 1.5% per 6 month period.


Sharon Ray—Update on Open Enrollment

(1) Due to the change in employer contributions, enrollment rates have decreased in the indemnity plan for both current employees and retirees.  Over half of those enrolled in 2008 have switched for 2009.  The majority of those individuals have switched to the Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO.

(2) Enrollment rates have increased in the High Deductible PPO.  However, of those 238 employees enrolled, only 127 have enrolled in the HSA.   OHR plans to contact the enrollees to explain the benefits of the HSA.

(3) FSA enrollment has dropped for 2009. However, some of those individuals may have switched to the HSA PPO and are now using a HSA.

Bettina Cothran inquired as to why the Consumer Choice Option is offered since it has extremely small enrollment.  Sharon Ray stated that a GA Statute requires that it still be offered.

Lee Montana asked about FSA reimbursement procedures.  It seems to have been possible to get back FSA money automatically from doctor’s office co-pays without filing.   That is no longer an option.  Chuck Donbaugh stated that Meridian offers a debit card option, but GT elected not to use that option.  Members agreed that due to compliance issues, that was probably a good decision.


Sharon Ray—Update on 403B

Numbers seem to be moving in right direction.  Enrollment numbers in Fidelity and TIAA-CREF have increased while enrollment numbers in all other vendors have decreased. 

Some individuals may have elected to leave their account with their original vendor and let contributions stop in January due to economic reasons, etc. 


Barbara Henry—Donated Sick Leave

Previously Barbara Henry passed out information for the committee’s review on donated sick leave programs.  Currently GT doesn’t have a program and may want to consider it.  Many other state universities such as UGA and Kennesaw have it.

Chuck Donbaugh  pointed to some technical issues that may influence the viability of this option especially for smaller units. Teresa Snow asked if GTRI donated leave plan was funded and Chuck Donbaugh stated yes. 

Bettina Cothran asked how UGA covers it.  Chuck Donbaugh stated that it is his understanding that their program’s funding is handled internally.

Bettina Cothran asked the committee what their recommendations were.  It was decided that a subcommittee would be formed to look into the matter further.  

Action Item—Barbara Henry will head subcommittee and discuss a donated sick leave program.  Subcommittee to meet early in 2009.


New Business:

Introduction of Brian Tyson to the Faculty Benefits Committee 

Brian will be the new student representative for FBC for spring semester.


Schedule of Upcoming Meetings

·         Meeting monthly from 9:30-11 AM. 

      Spring Meetings will be scheduled for:

                  Tuesday Jan. 13

Wednesday Feb. 4      

Wednesday March 4   

Tuesday April 7

                        Tuesday May 5

            All meetings will be held in the OHR Conference Rm (220)