Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2009, 9:30 – 11:00 AM


Present:   Bettina Cothran, Clint Demetriou, Chuck Donbaugh, Blair Funderburk, Barbara Henry, Teresa Snow, Sharon Ray

Absent:   Lee Montana, Barry Sharp, Wayne Book



Minutes from the 12/02/08 Committee Meeting were reviewed and approved.

Election of Chair—Bettina Cothran was confirmed as chair for 2008-09.


Old Business

Barbara Henry—Update on Subcommittee to look at Donated Sick Leave

Committee has scheduled a meeting for 1/14/09.  The committee first plans to evaluate whether having a donated sick leave program is feasible and also investigate how other universities that have similar programs are managing and funding it.

Chuck Donbaugh stated that GTRI program should be looked at closely since they have a plan in place.

Action Item—Barbara Henry will update committee following the subcommittee meeting.


Sharon Ray/ Clint Demetriou—Update on Open Enrollment

OHR should have numbers on the final phase of open enrollment by Friday.  However, OHR is trying to be flexible and they expect a number of additional calls to come in once paychecks go out in January.  Some individuals may still not be aware of changes despite the attempts made by OHR to update everyone.

OHR is currently dealing with a few issues due to changes in coverage.

(1) Effective 1/1/09, BOR changed to MetLife Dental. MetLife was treating employees as new participants, which could result in some limitations/restrictions in coverage.  OHR is working to get this resolved.

(2) For Clarification: Spectera Vision sent out cards which say United Healthcare.  Spectera is owned by United Healthcare.

(3)  PPO and HSA PPO cards look almost the same.  The difference is the deductible listed on the card. 

(4)  Employees with HMO or HSA PPO may not realize that their prescriptions are still with BC/BS.  Some have called to ask when their new cards have arrived when in fact they should continue to use their current prescription card.

Chuck Donbaugh asked if we needed to send out additional information.  Sharon Ray stated that information will be sent out through Techworks.

Clint Demetriou stated that he and Sharon are looking at the possibility of having a “benefits team” in which each person was assigned a plan and they become a subject matter expert on that plan in order to handle some of the more complex questions.  This may also help with the 403 B’s.

Referring to the minutes from December, Bettina Cothran asked about the HSA PPO plan.  At that time, a number of people who enrolled in the high deductible plan had not enrolled in an HSA.

Sharon Ray stated that they did not have final numbers yet, but that OHR would reach out to those who had elected not to enroll in the HSA.


Sharon Ray/Clint Demetriou—Update on 403B

As with open enrollment, final numbers are not available yet.  OHR has checked and made sure that no money is going to inactive vendors.  Currently, there is still a lot of paperwork being handled (contracts, info sharing agreements, etc.)

Bettina Cothran asked if the reps for Fidelity and TIAA-CREF were still on campus and if they planned to remain here.  Sharon Ray responded affirmatively.

Clint Demetriou stated that TIAA-CREF has asked to participate in a retirement benefits study with GT. Professor Narasimhan has 4 MBA students working with them on the project. We should have a report by April or May.

Action Item—Clint will update committee when report is available.


Chuck Donbaugh—Follow-up on Childcare Facility

President Schuster agreed to have childcare facility go into the design phase.  Given the current economic situation, construction in 2009 is uncertain. 

In the meantime, GT will continue to explore other options and partnerships.


New Business

Chuck Donbaugh—Flex work arrangements

A document was sent out a couple of days ago on Techworks regarding flex work arrangements.

OHR is working with the Office of the Provost.  Currently, retirees can come back to work at a part-time level of up to 49%, with annual contracts.  There is a desire to expand that program and have additional incentives for people who may want to retire, such as 2 year appointments. 

Bettina Cothran asked how the economic situation has affected GT employees.

Chuck Donbaugh stated that there have been some layoffs.  There may also be more budget cuts next year.

Bettina Cothran—Proposed change in meeting schedule

Due to a conflict between the teaching schedule of one committee member and the proposed Tuesday meeting times, Bettina Cothran proposed changing the April 7th meeting to Thursday April 9th    in the afternoon. The change was accepted.

Bettina Cothran—Update on Student Representative

The committee will have a new student representative.  Brian Tyson was only filling in for the last meeting until more long-term arrangements could be made.


Schedule of Upcoming Meetings

·         Meeting monthly from 9:30-11 AM. 

      Spring Meetings will be scheduled for:

                  Wednesday Feb. 4      

Wednesday March 4   

Thursday April 9, 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

                        Tuesday May 5

            All meetings will be held in the OHR Conference Rm (220)