Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting

Monday, September 24, 2012 8:25 – 9:55 AM


Present:   Bettina Cothran (Chair), Jason Freeman (new FBC member from Music), Stella Richardson, Teresa Snow, Darlene Wright (Dir. Benefits)


Absent:   Wayne Book (retiree rep.), Tommy Little, Amy Heron, Debbie Lee,  Dave Millard.




Minutes from 8/27/12 were reviewed and approved.


Bettina Cothran is working on FBC Annual Report.  Dave Millard will present it on Oct. 23


Darlene Wright: HR Organizational Changes

HR is in the process of making some organizational changes.            

         All business analysts will report to Maryanne Carroll, Sr. Dir. HR

         By end of the year Darlene Wright will be taking over comp. benefits and customer service

         Plan to hire Dir. Total Rewards.  Will look at best practices in HR as well as Benefits &

         Compensation; Look at whole package and build around that.


Darlene Wright:  Update on Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is Oct 15-Nov 9

Benefits fair Oct 24.

Updates to Benefits since previous meeting.

        Humana Dental Plan is being eliminated.  Delta Dental PPO will be added.  Premium will be same.

        Delta Dental HMO will have smaller premium with greater benefits.

        Medical premiums are increasing:  Kaiser 1%, BCBS 8.5%, HSA 8.5%.

Open enrollment for active employees is on target.

Benefits calculator will be up by open enrollment to help with evaluating health plans.


BOR Retirees Change:  Implementing Employer Group Waiver Plans for Medicare eligible retirees.  This is a contract with Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services to provide plan benefits and receive payments directly from the government.  Start date is 3 weeks away and HR does not have any details.

Darlene Wright is pleading for a change in schedule so that this can be implemented in the optimal manner.

Action Item:  Darlene Wright will communicate updates to the FBC on both open enrollment and EGWP.


Bettina Cothran asked about the insurance broker.  Darlene Wright stated the broker was TBX.  Overall, TBX has been great to work with and gone above and beyond in terms of service.

Bettina Cothran also asked about the Teacher’s Retirement System--some states are limiting funding

Darlene Wright stated that the Georgia system seems to be well funded.

Bettina Cothran stated that the FBC should continue to keep the issue of incentivizing retirement, especially of tenured faculty, in focus.  Some improvements may come out of the Family Friendly Task Force.



Darlene Wright:  Update on Family Friendly Task Force

Family Friendly Taskforce has been looking at benefits related to work/life.

A number of areas have been identified which need improvement.  Some of the items at the top of the list are:

          Domestic Partner Benefits through BOR—GT voluntary plans offer it. BOR medical plans do not.

          Maternity and Paternity benefits

With respect to the latter, Jason Freeman stated that the info on the Advance NSF website regarding funds to support decreased teaching load are inconsistent.   Different schools are not uniform on this issue.


FBC meetings for Fall Semester

All meetings to take place from 8:30 – 10:00.  Last meeting of the semester is  Monday, Dec. 3rd

Meeting will occur in the OHR Conference Rm (229) unless otherwise noted.