Faculty Benefits Committee Meeting

Monday, August 27, 2012 8:25 – 9:55 AM


Present:   Bettina Cothran (Chair), Jason Freeman (new FBC member from Music), Amy Heron, Debbie

                 Lee. Dave Millard, Stella Richardson, Teresa Snow, Darlene Wright (Dir. Benefits), Wayne

                 Book (retiree rep.).


Absent:   Tommy Little.




It was noted that Barry Sharp has retired.  


New FBC member Jason Freeman was introduced to the FBC committee.


FBC is waiting to see who will be appointed as the Executive Board Liaison.  In addition, a new student rep. is to be appointed to FBC.


Bettina Cothran was voted to serve as chair of FBC for the upcoming year.


Due to a scheduling conflict, Dave Millard agreed to give the annual FBC report on Oct. 23.


Minutes from 4/9/12 were reviewed and approved.


Bettina Cothran:  Staff and Retiree Representation


Action Item:  Bettina Cothran will confirm the process needed to continue to add staff and retiree reps to FBC. 


With respect to staff, communications from OHR are very important and having representatives has helped with communication and developing an understanding of what OHR does.


Wayne Book stated that with respect to retirees, he would like to see the institute find more ways to support retiree members and assist them.  Incentives such as Emeritus status, office space, etc., would be helpful.



Darlene Wright:  OHR Updates

OHR needs additional positions in order to take a more proactive approach in addressing the needs of the institute.  OHR developed a business plan and based on that plan, has been given approval to add positions.

New positions will be used as follows:

(1) Full-time person dedicated to retirees.  This individual will also work with investment vendors.

(2) Will have a position that works more with worksite wellness.

(3) Benefits Management.  Will take over ST and LT disability and FMLA administration



Darlene Wright:  Update on Family Friendly Task Force

The Provost established a Family Friendly Taskforce to study benefits related to work/life balance in a comprehensive way.  Approximately 10 campus employees are serving on the committee.

Committee is looking at:

     What we do.

     What we should do.

     What is centralized vs. decentralized.


Committee targeting areas (want to increase camaraderie, healthy living, financial security, etc.)

Bettina Cothran stated maternity leave is still very important.

Teresa Snow voiced concerns as well with using ST disability to help with the maternity issue.  There is a 10 day waiting period and many people are not enrolled since it is optional.


Darlene Wright:  Update on Sick Leave Reporting

Online reporting, known as “Time Out” is in use by some entities on campus currently.  Goal is to have entire campus online by Dec. 1st.

Action Item:  Further updates will be provided as they become available.


Bettina Cothran:  Childcare Facility

Bettina Cothran spoke to some longstanding customers of childcare facility about some issues.  Management seems to be less effective than usual.  Communication is an issue.  Parking at first center is limited and mostly occupied by staff.  Nursing mothers or morning parking to take children in is a problem.  There needs to be drop-off assistance or GT needs to buy some parking.

At center #2, parking is also an issue.

Getting on list is still an issue and some women get on the list while pregnant in order to try to get a spot.  Then they may end up getting a spot early and having to pay childcare even before the child is born.  Waiting list management should be evaluated.

However, there are a number of openings in some categories, and we may want to look into additional venues to publicize this.

Action Item:  Darlene Wright will check into these issues and provide an update.


Darlene Wright:  Update on Summer Camps

Info on OHR website—site has had over 3,000 hits.  OHR wants to have a summer camp expo in either 2013 or 2014.  They will continue to build database of vendors and discounts in the metro Atlanta area.

Tech Wreck Day camps have been very successful.


Darlene Wright:  Update on Open Enrollment

Information has not been confirmed yet.  More information will be provided at the September meeting. 


Employees will not have to make formal healthcare plan election for 2013 unless they want to make changes.  However FSA spending election is required yearly.

Dependents age 45 and over must have SSN on file with the carrier in order to retain coverage.  Employees who do not make any changes will not be prompted for this information.  But dependent can be dropped  if no SSN has been collected previously. Communicating this information will be important.

The BOR will offer the same medical options as last year.  Some copays will increase. There will also be some increases in premiums (probably on the order of 1-8.5%, but these will be confirmed at the September meeting)

Healthcare FSA limit will be decreasing from $5000/yr to 2500/yr (due to HealthCare Reform).

The Metlife Dental annual max benefit will increase to $1500 without an increase in premium.

GT will be replacing the Humana dental plans with Delta Dental.

CIGNA Life Insurance premiums will decrease.  There will be expanded options for spouse.

GT will be implementing a group voluntary legal plan.

Open Enrollment meetings are being scheduled.

Open Enrollment is tentatively scheduled for Oct 15-Nov 9 and the benefits fair for Oct 24.

Action Item:  Further updates will be provided in September


Darlene Wright:  Other Updates

There will be a new COBRA administrator effective 9/1/12


Walgreens will be rejoining the Open Access POS network effective 1/1/13


ORP employee contribution will increase from 5 to 6%


A retiree microsite will be implemented for this open enrollment.


New onsite dentist is now accepting three dental plans.  In 2013 he will accept  BOR Metlife, PPO and new Delta PPO.  Other negotiations are in the process.


Bettina Cothran:  Investment Committee

The investment committee needs to be on the agenda.   We need an update.

Action Item:  Updates will be scheduled after open enrollment.


FBC meetings for Fall Semester

All meetings to take place from 8:30 – 10:00


Monday, Sept. 24th

Monday, Oct 29th

Monday, Dec. 3rd


Meetings will occur in the OHR Conference Rm (229) unless otherwise noted.